Thursday, April 29, 2010

The year of ME..

A friend on Facebook announced earlier this year that she claimed this as the year of her.. Instead of putting herself last, as many of us moms do, she was doing stuff for HER.. From the big things~ trip to Disney sans kids to the little ones~ a mani & pedi.   I decided to follow suit.. This year I turned double digits.. That little number between 2 & 4.. I have two of those now!   Three has always been a lucky number for me so TWO of them, it has to be special right?   So I announce the Year of Momma Chaos!

As I'm sure I've mentioned in the past, I have a hard time spending money on myself.. I'll spend my last penny on any of the kids, Daddy Chaos or heck even the family dog.. But I don't buy myself anything unless it is direly needed and even then it's at Daddy Chaos' insistence.  So I'm pretty proud of my accomplishments so far.. The only bad thing is that I might get addicted & watch out world, I think I'll need a job- or a blog daddy (if there is such a thing).

Accomplishments so far :

1. New hair color - now I've done hair color before, but I am vowing to keep up with the color this time. Normally I get colored once or twice a year and I have regrowth in 2months.. lol.

2. New Phone- I have teased Daddy Chaos that I was soo behind times not having an iPhone like all the other Bloggy/Twitter mommas.. Geez.. The next thing I knew we were at the store, not only buying a new phone but upgrading my package so I can do internet stuff on the phone.

3. New Clothes-  1pair of jeans (I now have 2pair.. ok well my old pair may have a small hole worn in the thigh but if you notice it, obviously you're looking a little too close and BACK OFF) , 6 new shirts- yes I said it SIX, that's more than I normally buy in like 3yrs!, and a dress (for Southern Darlin's adoption, but with me)

4. New sandals-  I was shopping with Cowie, who I think will probably never want to shoe shop with me again,  and finally found a new pair of flip flops I liked.. They are super comfy but in my eyes super expensive.. $35 on sale WITH a coupon.. These are SANDALS people.. Agh, the pain this caused me.. But I gave in and bought them.. Boy do I love them. Added bonus that they are the "tone ups" so just walking around in them is a workout.. Bonus points, I'll totally lose like 50lbs just wearing the flip flops.. (I can dream right?)

5. A NEWER phone- I kept my new phone for less than 30days.. Daddy Chaos played with it once & said it was too slow on the 'net.. So I immediately told him we needed to get the brand new-just came out today- phone.. Preorder it, I did.. New phone is charging.. I think I'm gonna LOVE it.

6. Vera Bradley.... Tomorrow I am doing something that I have very rarely did in my 15yrs of parenting.. I'm going out on a GIRLS day with not a single of my little ones.  I'm heading out with Cowie & two other friends to the Vera Bradley OUTLET sale..  Can we say excited?? Not to worry, I think I'll probably buy too much and then put it on ebay, you all can just buy from me right? ha.  And now that my newer phone is in- once it's charged I can get it rollin again & will post pics of the sale via twitter & probably post about it over the weekend on here ;) Cuz I dont want you to miss it!
The year of ME is going well so far.. I may need a sponsor soon though :)   Disney!! Are you reading??  I need you now!  Or heck VEGAS would be good too :)

In other news,  you will not guess what came in the mail today?  A mere 20days after the adoption finalization we have already received the new Birth Certificate!! Wowsers! Considering the State Far Far Away had to contact our state (Southern Darlin' was born here) to get a new birth certificate, which was then sent back to the Far Far Away State & then forwarded to us via our atty.. I'm pretty impressed!  those of you that have adopted and gotten new birth certificates- answer me this.. I'm fairly certain that on Spoiled Princess' birth certificate it has us listed as parents but the date filed was changed to a date after her adoption (around 18months old). Southern Darlin's birth certificate however, has a date filed of Jan 7, 2004.. YEARS before we even met her.. Now I have an issue with the whole "new birth certificate" thing anyway.. It seems odd to me that rather than alter it and put us as adoptive parents, they make it seem like we are the biological parents.. But to actually have the birth certificate supposedly filed years before we even met our daughter just seems beyond wrong..  So what does yours say?? Is it filed after the adoption or also like SD's  and filed shortly after the birth?

I have an awesome review coming up -as soon as I can get the darn camera to work- so any special needs or medical mommas keep you eyes out!!

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