Monday, September 27, 2010


People are always asking me “What do you do with your "me" time?”

To which I promptly respond with a snort and laughter.

Me time? Who has that? Sure I have bits and moments throughout the day where I can do a few things for myself, maybe twitter for a bit or read a few pages of whatever book I might be trying to get thru but those are done while doing something else. Maybe I’m cooking (always a great time to read a few pages while waiting for something to boil or a timer counting down) or supervising TheToddler (mainly twitter time because I can skim 140characters pretty dang quick and you can’t really take your eyes off him for much more than that). For the most part, I don’t have time set aside where I can just go off and do something alone. For Me.

During the week, I do have that sacred NAPTIME. For at least 2hrs every day, I get free time in a sense. I have the lil boys sleeping and I can do something. Most days, it’s dishes or laundry. Some days I get a few moments to curl up with a book or write a blog. Some days DroolPrince doesn’t nap and then we do preschool stuff during my downtime which then means I had no downtime. Hmm..

So what I’m saying is – where do you all find the time to get things done? The things that YOU want to do, not the little necessities of the household. When do you have time to blog, read, twitter, cross-stitch (I love doing cross-stitch but haven’t since Dilly was born. I just don’t have the time anymore. ), or knit (I really want to learn !). Maybe I just need to make the time but I don’t think there are enough hours in the day right now.

Give me a hint at what I’m doing wrong..

Dang it, this is the Year of Me.. I need to find more time for these things. I want to blog more, read more (ok, I do fit in alot of books..), take up cross-stitching again, and learn how to knit..  Those are on my list for this year. Wish me luck :)


  1. LOL....honestly I don't have downtime until 7pm when 'Tigger' is fast asleep. then usually I don't have much if at all to pick up....I try to do that while she's playing (hard to do sometimes....toddlers are needy like that) but then I watch my shows on the dvr that are waiting for me, I'll read, or go online....then I'm in bed by 10 so I can have 7 hours of sleep. But on weekends, I sleep with Tigger during naptime....those are some good extra 2 hours of sleep.

  2. Yep, I am right there with you. I definitely do not find much me-time these days. I have a blanket I have been trying to finish since my almost four year old was born. Maybe it will be done for my first grandchild?

    A mom in my daughter's preschool class told me recently that Wednesday night is her "lap swim night". I can't imagine doing anything productive (let alone sweat inducing? horrors!) after the kids are in bed, but I guess that is her way of carving out some me-time.

    I am thinking of instituting a "micro-brew beer night" once a week...I will let you how it goes.

  3. Thanks girls! It's always nice to know I'm not alone!

    Jennifer- lapswim? sounds too much like exercise to me and who wants to exercise (even if it's in a pool) during their me-time?! lol, let me know how your "micro-brew beer nite" works out :)

    DannieA- Dang those toddlers are needy aren't they? I don't know where they get off being like that.. heehee :) Bedtime around here is staggered depending on who it is but lil kids should be in bed by 8, TheToddler rarely cooperates..


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