Saturday, September 25, 2010


It seems that lately I have been censoring myself here. I have things I want to say. Things that are dying to get out, yet I hold back. I’m unsure if it’s my story to share. If I will offend or hurt those I care about by venting and getting these things out.

And so I sit and stare at the blank screen.

I type and type and type. Only to hit the back key repeatedly.

Once published, it’s out there forever. Surfing the internet, popping up in God knows whose computer.

I try my hardest not to write something that I would not say to someone’s face. I figure that’s a good rule of thumb. So there are times, like today, when I bite my tongue and fall silent.

I know my thoughts are true.

I know that given the right circumstances I would say them to this person’s face, but I’m not sure that I should. More accurately, I’m not sure that I can say them and still remain in their lives. Will they hate me for voicing my true opinion when I have held back trying to be supportive?

In the end, I think I’m going to need some advice and in that I’ll come to you. The situation involves too many innocents to not become more involved.


  1. I am probably the last person to ask. I've written censored posts on my feelings for it to bite me in the butt. I can't imagine what the repercussions would have been had I not held back. Nothing I wrote, and nothing I would've/could've written is something I wouldn't say to anyone's face, but nonetheless. My advice is useless, though I would say proceed with caution.

  2. Thanks Tara.. I'm putting off the writing of it for now but I know eventually I'm going to have one of those days where I just can't stand it anymore and it'll all come spilling out.. Ugh!


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