Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to freak out your toddler : 101

Sorry Peeps.. I know it's been lonely around here lately.   Some things have been going on with the Teen that aren't really blog friendly (ie. she has declared I may not tell anyone. at all. EVER.. too which I declared she should have thought of that before she did it.. Still, I'll respect it for now.. I really think it's a lesson that everyone needs to learn so I may share later on when it has settled down).  So I sit here biting my tongue and nothing else can get out either.

Sooo the story I have to share with you today is how to freak out your  OCD Toddler.  *brief side note- We have laughingly referred to TheToddler's little quirks lovingly as OCD Toddler style.  If he knocks his cup off his tray, he shrieks until you return it even though he is the one that just knocked it off.. Crazy, I know.  If you set his cup on the left side, he immediately grabs it and puts it on the right side because DUH Mom, you know it goes on the right.. If you set it on the right but not in the exact. right. spot. he will move it .. You get the picture.. Apparently I do not understand the meaning of the word brief. *

Daddy Chaos complained the other nite that he has a few spider bites on his hand.  He knows if there's one thing he can say that will freak me out, it's spiders (or snakes).  So naturally I insisted that he pull the bed out and search for the culprit because no way in Hell am I going to sleep with a spider in my room!

So this is what my bedroom looked like prior to the Spider invasion:

We use it as our bedroom and also the playroom..  1/2 is bedroom, the other half has TheToddler's toys plus an entertainment center with TV, vcr, dvd & playstation hooked up.  I absolutely <3 the  ginormous bean bags.. I've slept in them a time or two, they are awesome :)

You probably noted how the toddler bed is at the foot of our bed.. TheToddler prefers to shun said bed and sleeps most nights with us.  If he goes to sleep upstairs (ie. rocked) then we lay him in the toddler bed to sleep until he eventually wakes up and comes to get in bed with us.  If he refuses to go to sleep upstairs, we just all go to bed and he'll lay in our bed and go to sleep-then we move him to his bed.. It's not a great system, but it works for now.

So this particular night, TheToddler was refusing to rock to sleep. We all trooped downstairs and waited while Daddy Chaos pulled out the bed to check for spiders.  Since he already had the bed pulled out,  I had the brilliant idea of moving it.  What better chance?!  I sat TheToddler on the bed and we moved it to the other wall.

Apparently I didn't get the dimensions of the bed right this time around. Sue me.

We got everything arranged and climbed into bed only to realize that TheToddler was completely freaking out. His eyes were absolutely HUGE and he had this panicked look on his face. We tried to calm him and showed him how our bed was now closer to his bed. Yay! It's a good thing! Look, mommy & daddy are laying right here.. Look, here's your blankie.. Everything is fine.

Only everything was not fine. He was stiff as a board and completely refused to move. Just huddled into his pillow with this scared look on his face. After a few minutes of trying to calm and soothe him, I scooped him up and told Daddy Chaos to move the bed back RIGHT NOW!!

TheToddler laid in my arms and just shook.  Poor thing. We moved the bed back to it's original spot and climbed back in bed.. He laid down and sighed.

Apparently he doesn't handle change well? Who would have thought... And now I"m stuck with my bed the same way forever.. or at least until he moves out..   Can we say "High Maintenance" ?

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