Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday Ramblings on a Tuesday

I came here to talk to you about chore charts, allowances and behavior..

But then that darn "Big Foot Monster" commercial came on and Why The Hell does it attract my attention every single time?

I am not buying it for Drool Prince.

I am NOT buying it for Drool Prince.

I AM NOT buying it for Drool Prince.

There, that should do it.

Now I've totally lost my whole behavior, chores & allowance spiel so that will have to be another day.  Sucks to live in my head sometimes, doesn't it?!

Attitude King has a dr appt with an orthopedic specialist down at the Children's hospital today.  He has some funky condition where the bone in his leg is twisted.. It causes him to walk/run like.. well I dont know what it looks like- funny & has been causing him some pain. 

Naturally I'm not taking everyone with me.. That would be just silly.  Plus the lil girls are in school. Sooo I delegated. Yay me!

Gpa Chaos is going to pick up the little girls from school today- which means all I've heard all morning is :

Gpa is picking us up today right?   

Are you taking him our carseats?  

Make sure to tell him which one is mine (this from Spoiled Princess who doesn't like Southern Darlin' to sit in her seat, even though they are identical.. ugh)

I'm soo excited that Gpa is picking us up!

Gpa is babysitting! YAY!

You get the picture.. It's been non-stop.  And then the little boys are being dropped off with Cowie.. So  Drool Prince has been babbling constantly of all the things he's going to do at Cowie's.. Just see above and substitute Gpa for Cowie.. 

AND then I get to pick up Attitude King early from school  which excites him to no end for some reason.. 

What time are you picking me up, Mom?
When I get there.
No, seriously.. What time? I need to know.. 
You do not need to know. When I get there and they call you to the office, then you'll know.
Eventually against my better judgement I informed him that I would be there at 10:30. Mistake!! For the 30mins before he left for school that's all he talked about.. As he walked out the door this is all I heard:
 I'll see you at 10:30 Mom!
 Bye!! See you at 10:30!
Mom!! Bye!! See you when you pick me up at 10:30!! 

Why do I even tell them things? 

We have Daddy Chaos'  magic van today.  Mainly because I don't want to have to park the monster van in the parking garage.  As I took the lil boys out to Gpa's this morning to drop off the girls' carseats, I gave into the demand of a movie.


It's a favorite.

We get to the part where Dory says to Marlan " Are you my conscience?"  and Drool Prince bursts out laughing!!

HA HA HA! That's soo funny! I love this part!

What  part is it?

She asks if he's her conscience!  Ha! I love it.. CONSCIENCE!! 

What is a conscience Drool Prince?

 I dunno. It's just funny.. Ha ha ha!

I agree. It is funny.. LOL. His laughter is contagious.. He then asked me to rewind it to the 'conscience' part again.. Silly boy. 

Alas, The Toddler keeps running from the kitchen with various things that he is not supposed to have.. The strainer.  Several cans of pop- which he is shaking .. Someone please remind me not to open those for a while.   Geez, someone should really be watching him.  Wait, that's me? Crap.. 

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