Monday, September 13, 2010

Kick does hair

I may have mentioned a time or two how I have absolutely no skill with my little boys' hair.  I can braid my girls hair like crazy but something about the texture or in The Toddler's case, the length my fingers get all fumbled and I end up with a mess..

And cramped fingers.. lol

Drool Prince used to sit down when he was The Toddler's age and let me play to my hearts content.  I could faux braid, do twists, or even just a bunch of little puffs all over which would make the teen shriek that I was making him look like a girl and TAKE it down NOW.. lol.  I do enjoy making her shriek..  But nothing ever stayed for more than a day..

More often than not, I paid to have Drool Prince's hair done.  The lady I took him to could do adorable cornrows and some of the cutest hanging braids (no clue the official term?) you have ever seen.  The boy was Adorable! And it stayed in for weeks! Well worth the money spent.

Then came the day that he decided enough was enough.. He wanted his hair cut , didn't want long hair like a girl.. He would start yelling OUCH the minute you picked up the pick..

So we shaved it off.

Since then I've tried a time or two to do something with The Toddler's hair.  He has a much more sensitive head and he does not have the texture that Drool Prince had.. If I would slip for a second in DP's hair, no worries because it was still sitting there waiting for me to finish.  If I slip in TT's hair, it's all slid back out of any style I was trying and is just fro'ing out on me.  AHHH !

I've been looking at some cute pictures of DP back when he was 2.  I loved his hair. It was always styled (almost always) and he looked so freaking cute.. Short hair looks cute on him too, he just looks so much older.   I've been fighting with TT's hair for a while.. I'm so tempted to just buzz it off again because it's just easier.

Finally today, I decided to just try it.. I turned on the only way to make The Toddler sit still (Kick Buttoski) and sat down to try.

His hair is too short for me to actually get a good braid in (remember my fumble-y fingers and hair that slides right out and runs away) so I did mock braids..
You know the kind.. You put a little pony tail in and then twist it into the next pony tail.. Fake cornrows.. Gotta love it.. I got them fairly straight considering I haven't done it in over 2yrs..

And then you get to the back.. Ohh the mess that the back is.. He has this section of hair in the back that is Drool Prince's texture PLUS it gets rubbed off.. It's just not nice.   So we just won't look at the back of him anymore, k? lol

Personally I think he looks adorable.. I'll have to wait and see if the teen comes home and shrieks about it or not..   Quite honestly, I'm blessed with absolutely adorable boys.. So no matter what I do to them, they're still cute! lol!

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