Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Transformers Costume Review

I put off this post hoping to get a cute picture of Fishing Pole to go along with my review today but things in the Kingdom of Chaos never work out the way they are supposed to..

So here I sit on the eve of our trip to the D word (which is what my kids say since I had to forbid them from saying DISNEY!!! upon threat of being left home because they would NOT quit saying it every 5minutes) tossing up my review that has been sitting in drafts so you can go shopping before Halloween :)

If you are anything like me, you still have no clue what your kids are going to be for Halloween this year.. Yeah, it's already October  but meh.. who cares :-)   Some people plan their costumes (and theirs for that matter) months in advance.. I'm more of a last minute type person, never would have guessed would ya? 

I was given the opportunity to try out one of Costume's  many new Halloween costumes this year.  YAY!!   Although we aren't trick or treating this year (hello- we will just be getting home from Disney and I dare the kids to complain.. lol), I still like to look!   My kids love playing dress up and it's rare that I can find any decently made little boy dress up clothes.   The poor boys happily dress up in drag and strut their stuff around the house.. It's maddness, they need boy stuff too!

I was actually surprised when looking over's  selection of boy costumes..  They have quite a few Transformers costumes for Halloween or just dressing up..  I don't know about you but Fishing Pole is a HUGE Transformers fan :)   He was beyond thrilled when I showed him his new Optimus Prime costume..

I am pretty impressed with the quality of costume for the price.  If you go to your local Wally World and buy a costume, you're going to shell out $20 easy and you're usually lucky if it lasts thru the nite.  Fishing Pole is ALL Boy.. He's very active and I think I'm pretty safe in saying this one seems put together well enough that it will be lasting for quite some time.   The costume is made of soft material-  no itchy scratchy seams that you might get elsewhere.. *cough* W-mart *cough*.  Beyond how it feels, it just looks plain cool.   I promise when the darn camera is working  I will post a picture, better late than never right?!

For all my fellow procrastinators- there is still time to order and get a costume in time for Halloween! I ordered mine and got it within a few days.  I was shocked at how quickly it came !  Or if you are just looking for some nice dress up clothes for your kiddos (great Christmas presents!)  check  out Costume Supercenter for some great ideas..  They also have adult costumes :)

So tell me, what are your kids going to be for Halloween ??

**Disclaimer-  I was provided with a free costume of my choice in order to write this review.  Despite said compensation, all thoughts & opinions are 110% my own.  Bad grammar, I'm not claiming **

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