Monday, October 3, 2011

My own personal PSA

**Aside before it even begins, I wrote this a few weeks ago and somehow it never published?  Go figure..  Better late than never, right? **

Does anyone else remember those old 80's Anti-Drug commercials?

This is drugs.

This is your brain on drugs.

Any questions?

If you don't remember or your *cough* too young to remember, watch below the catch back up.

My point is that here 20+yrs later I still remember that commercial.  What kind of Anti-Drug commercials do we  have now??  Nada.   Instead we watch ppl do drugs in movies or on videos.. We can easily google how to make Meth- complete with step by step photo instructions.

It's Wrong!   Someone needs to start teaching these kids how badly drugs can screw up your bodies,brains and LIVES!

So, I mentioned the other day that we had a Drug Bust at our school.  3 went down.  It was gossiped back and forth between the kids -first it was cocaine, but later they decided it was Meth.  I wrote to the principal and asked if they were going to hold some kind of parent meeting to discuss the drug problem in our school  and let us know what steps they are taking & what we ,as parents, can do to help.  Apparently our school administration feels that they cannot discuss the drug bust due to student confidentiality- which I get, I do.. But honestly people- everyone knows the names of which students were taken down.  Everyone at school has passed those names around all over. So there's not a lot of confidentiality left..

So instead, here is my public service announcement.

Don't do drugs!   - there, listen to me because I said so.. That works right?

Honestly, I don't worry too much about my older kids messing around with drugs.  They have seen first hand how it can tear apart lives and mess with your brains.

So let's talk about Meth today.

Crystal Meth, Meth,  Ice, Glass.. Whatever you want to call it, it's bad news.

It only takes ONE HIT to get you addicted to meth.   That's just crazy.   The things you will do when you are addicted are unbelievable.    Crazy baby names 101- how about I name my child after my drug of choice.   Funny, I'm never questioned when I mention that I changed her name.

Photo Source

 I can still recall the first time I met her.

It's burned into my brain.

I was sitting in the DCS office, at the CW's desk waiting while she filled out the paperwork so we could go over to the hospital and pick up my first foster baby.  (Spoiled Princess)

She walked in with a hospital bracelet still on her wrist and my first impression was that she had been very sick and was just released.  She was beyond skinny, she looked deathly sick at the time.

 I remember wondering why she was at DCS when she clearly looked like she should be home in bed recovering from a some horrible illness.

It was then that the CW introduced me to my soon-to-be daughter's biological mother.

I was in shock.   I remember thinking, there is NO way this girl just gave birth.
No Way.    I didn't realize she had a Body by Crystal Meth.

Photo Source

Meth Mouth comes along as well.   I have not laid eyes on my girls' biological mom since Spoiled Princess was 3months old.   It's been well over 6years since I last saw her.   I do remember the same CW seeing her during that first year and mentioning that she was getting Meth Mouth.

Photo Source

I could sit here and tell you the way Meth tore apart the lives of so many people.  How it can mess with the developing brains of a child when exposed in utero.    But regardless of all that, it's a horrible scary drug.  We need to teach our children, to make sure they understand the true damage that can be done and to protect them.

Apparently some one needs to bring back the 80's egg and show it to the next generation..  Not that I"m sure it did much good for mine :(

*Note to FBI, CIA, Homeland Security & Drug Task Force-- if something led you to seize my computer (jerks, I can't live w/o my computer.. GIVE IT BACK!),  please note that I did google meth for the pics & information above.   I'm a paranoid googler, I always think what if I was murdered and Criminal Minds decided to go thru my computer.. lol.

           Just say no.. 

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