Thursday, September 15, 2011

Drugs stink

Drama Queen came home yesterday and immediately launched into the school 'gossip' as she tends to do if anything interesting has happened.

"We had a DRUG bust at school today! "

WHAT?!  Did someone get caught with pot?  (which is still illegal but seems lesser and easier for me to imagine highschool kids with)

"Yeah, the cops came in at 4th period.. Those kids are sooo stupid. We were told at the beginning of school that the cops would be showing up randomly.. One of them had it in his pocket.  Dummy.  "

I'm a tad bit concerned about the level of acceptance that her peers are doing drugs and they are stupid for bringing it to school... But I guess thinking back, even when I was in school it was well known which kids were the 'stoners'.    So the cops came in  and left with 3 kids (10th, 10th & 11th grades) is what they were told.

What makes me even more uncomfortable is that it wasn't just weed. (again, nothing is just when it's a drug but you kwim!)

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It was cocaine.

And some dill rod was carrying it around in his pocket?? Really?  I guess I see Drama Queen's amazement at the stupidity.

I was a "good" girl in school.  I got good grades, didn't drink & never once experimented with drugs.  Back then I knew a few guys that played around with stuff but I never knew that lifestyle. 

And then I became a foster parent.

A foster parent to DRUG babies.

Babies who are now MY Children because drugs ruined their parents lives. 

All four biological parents have been in jail for drug related charges.    All have lost custody of their children.

3 of the 4 kiddos have issues related to their biological mother abusing drugs (and God only knows what else) during their time in utero ..

Prior to my younger set coming into my life, I had never had to acknowledge drugs.  I didn't know how one did drugs.  I guess it's something I never was interested in, so why care?!  I had never dealt with felons.  I was sheltered and lived a quiet life.

My life now is much more jaded.    While I never used to think of drugs one way or the other - except teaching the older kids "Just Say No",  now just the thought of kids using drugs at this age makes me want to vomit.  Don't they realize how quickly they can get addicted and their lives will be over?

One of the biological moms started abusing cocaine when she was 14.  She's now in her 30's and although she might claim to be clean, she has never had a clean drug screen while I've known her.   More than half of her life spent high or trying to get the next high.   She has been clean more than once (stints in prison) but would immediately throw that away when it was available & go back down the drug path.

The other biological mom is younger but has been meth addicted for years.  She is supposedly clean now and I can only pray that is true as she is parenting 2 children on her own. 

Lives ruined- my kids with issues now due to their need for that high and inability to stop.  

Dimple's most recent trip to the genetics Dr - no immediately recognizable syndrome.  Leaning towards all his delays & issues being due to drugs (cocaine, marijuana, meth..) & possible alcohol effects.

Fishing Pole's heart defects were told to be most likely due to the cocaine use while his heart was forming.

Southern Darlin's learning disabilities are due to drugs (meth) and alcohol effects.

So a drug bust so close to home hits me in the gut.  So many lives that could be changed.  So many lives ruined.

As I teach my kids- "People who do drugs aren't "bad" people, they are just making bad choices." 

Apparently they need someone to give them a swift kick in the @ss and straighten them up before they ruin their lives or someone elses.

Remember people -- JUST SAY NO.  ugh.

**Edited to note that although rumors yesterday were that it was cocaine, today the story has changed to crystal meth- which scares me even more!!! UGH!   Geesh, I went to all that work to find a photo and then the darn drug changed on me..  No worries, meth will give me much better picture results to scare the bejeezus out of everyone..


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