Saturday, September 24, 2011

Following thru is not my forte..

Last week I made a nice big ole menu.. I had the kids come in and help me by each picking a day and choosing the entire meal.

Fishing Pole chose :

Baked macaroni & cheese
"fried" chicken (I did oven fry)
cauliflower  Salads (once reminded that he only likes cauliflower w/ cheese on it & we were already having enough cheese in the macaroni)
Mandarin Oranges
Root Beer

We had his meal first- he then completely denied having chosen this meal even though he came up with every item w/o prompting.. lol.  brat.

Southern Darlin' chose :

Hot ham & cheese sandwiches
Grapes (substituted for mini cupcakes when we walked past them in the store- which happened to be out of grapes)
Chocolate Milk

She was actually the first to make the meal 'complete' by giving a drink too.. I loved how she gave me every single item that we were having.. lol. The other two came back and added in a drink after they learned that she did.. lol

Spoiled Princess chose :

Quesadillas (big surprise, the mexican freak choose mexican food.. I'm shocked)
Chips w/ beans & cheese dip
Pepsi No, wait mom.. I want Coke instead.
Cake with Ice Cream for dessert.

A girl after my own heart.  but not a veggie in sight.  Coincidentally, I went to my first Girls' Night Out with some friends last nite.  When I initially brought it up, the lil girls were thrilled! YAY!! We are going out!!  They weren't very happy when I explained that by Girls Night Out, I meant big girls.  Mommy & friends.   It was pressured out of me where we were going (Mexican restaurant) and then Spoiled Princess began her "I can't believe you don't love me enough" rant.  Our local mexican restaurant is her Fav. place to go.  ANYTIME.  If you ask her what she wants to eat, she always immediately says MEXICAN!!  At home mexican food is a 2nd best option but restaurant food is #1 in her book.  I definitely lost Mommy points leaving her at home.

So, anyway back to my story.. 

I had this whole nice menu made up.  8 days worth so I'd have a spare in case something didn't sound good one day.   I even then made a grocery list up based upon my menu.   I know.  I'm good.

Then I neglected to do the most important thing.

Actually grocery shop.

Halfway thru the week we had went thru the menu items that we had ingredients for at home & then started improvising.   I figure it's the thought that counts, right?

So I'm starting over.  I went to my go-to place , where I always go when I'm looking for a good recipe - The Pioneer Woman .  Ree, she knows how to cook.   Plus I love her step by step picture recipes :)

I now have the next week's menu made up, complete with the accompanying grocery list.   I AM going to the grocery today to buy my ingredients and we'll see how well I actually follow thru this time.   I suck at follow thru.

Follow me on Pinterest where I have been food pinning a lot lately.  It makes me happy and hungry all at once.


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