Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's that time of year again! @VeraBradley #vbos

So for the second year in a row, I hauled myself out of bed much much too early in order to attend the Vera Bradley Sale..

Last year I may have went a little over board.  I bought something for Everyone and then a few things.. Plus then I got stuck with some extra stuff that people specifically asked me to buy for them and then backed out of reimbursing me for it.  Not nice.. Not nice at all. 

So this year I bought just for me.   Ok I lie.  I bought one for my younger niece (late bday).   I bought one for my dearest friend, Ms. Polish - and she's lucky I love her so much because the pattern she picked was hard as heck to find!!  Luckily a friend with me found it while going thru the recycle bins. 

Wait let me explain because that sounds odd.   When you go to the VB outlet sale- you walk in and they hand you one (or more) huge pink trashbags.  Then you basically run to the tables and start looking.  As you are browsing, if you see absolutely anything that you even think you might like you shove it in your pink trashbag.  If you hesitate, it most likely won't be there when you come back.    When you are done, you stand along the walls (because if you sit the "safety police" will come yell at you) and go thru your pink trash bag and take out what you've decided you really didn't want.  You toss it into either grocery carts at the end of the tables or these HUGE cardboard boxes.  The VB ppl come thru and go thru all that continuously and put it back on the tables in the correct places.   It's actually a very nice system. 
So anyways.. A friend found me the awesome black & white pattern that Ms. Polish was hoping I'd find for her.. Yes!! Score!  

I found this adorable print that I fell in love with.  Only problem?? I could only find it in a little purse which normally doesn't suit me.   

Isn't it absolutely adorable??  I bought it for Drama Queen.   She is appropriately appreciative. 

Then I found a cute summery pattern for me.  Just what I needed!! 
I'm really loving it! Can't wait for summer now :)  I even got the matching wallet :)
I also got this tote to use for a diaper bag.. I already had the itty bitty purse from last year..

Quite honestly I had a huge duffel bag full of purses but slowly weeded thru them and only ended up with these few things.   But it was worth it.  It was just so much fun to hang out with the other 3 girls and see what everyone got.   It's not about the purses to me.  It's about the quality girl time our little group gets to spend.. waiting in line for hours to get in.. the mad rush of shopping.. waiting in line to get out.. going home and dumping our bags to pour thru what we bought.  We had a blast and that's what really matters.

And now, the countdown til #VBOS2012 !!


  1. oohhhhhhhh, handbags! I really like the black/yellow/ white one. Beautiful color and pattern mix.

  2. I AM COMPLETELY JEALOUS!!!!! I would give near anything for a new Vera!


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