Thursday, April 14, 2011

House full of sickies..

Bad things come in 3s or so it's said.   Sick kids don't apparently listen to that rule.

It all started with Spoiled Princess.  She is my sensitive child.  Heck she sobbed huge wracking sobs last nite because I questioned her wanting to dress up as a teacher for "Dress up as what you want to be" day on Friday.   Silly me.  A Teacher?  Just seems too ~plain for my dramatic child.  She has always boldly proclaimed that she will be a Princess!!  a Musketeer!! or most recently a super awesome Cowgirl like Jesse with a cool horse to ride. At Kindergarten, I think it's pretty normal to want to be these types of things.  Apparently a little boy dared make fun of her and told her that Cowgirls weren't real.  So now sensitive, people pleaser that she is, she's afraid to be what she wants and would rather be something "safe".   sigh.

Is it illegal to beat up 6yr old boys for making your baby cry?  Probably.  ugh.  Moving on.  As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself with that long winded aside ..


Spoiled Princess started the sickies.  Her throat hurwt.  Her eyes hurwt.  And then the coughing began.  We dosed with cough meds and continued with school (no fever, no vomitting- take your hiney to school!) but the cough meds weren't really working so off to the dr we went.  We promptly discovered that she was wheezing like crazy in those silly little lungs so onto nebulizer treatments she went.  This is her first wheezing incident so we are hoping it's not an indication of asthma but heck with asthma in her bio family tree I'm not going to hold my breath.   Remember what I said about 3 kids being the turning point?  Apparently it holds true for sickness.  I mentioned to Daddy Chaos that the dr said we might end up having to look at Asthma for SP and he says "oh well, we already have three with asthma. What's one more? "   True.. true..

Next Fishing Pole got it.  Since he is one of my already has asthma kids, we promptly go into yellow zone (double maintenance & start nebulizer every 4hrs) at the sign of colds. So far that has worked pretty well for us. I can usually beat it out before it settles in his lungs.   This time hit like a ton of bricks.  No building up. Fine one day, crap the next.  Crazy high heart rate , slighly low O2.  I took him into the dr.  EKG, bloodwork & xray later.  Xray says possible pneumonia but dr didn't really agree with that.  Ekg looked fairly  normal & bloodwork came back fine.   So back home & continue on neb treatments.  Fun. 

I probably should mention that I have been sick since Christmas and had 4 shots in the butt & am on my second round of antibiotics with an inhaler thrown in~ although no nebulizer treatments.

The last to get hit was Dimples. He's a typical asthma kid.  He usually the first to get it, it lingers forever and then just as it's finally made its rounds thru the house and is on the way out he will catch it again.  He got hit with the bug on Thurs , lucky for us we had an appt with our new Dr Sleep the next day anyway to go over the sleep results (later) so she got to listen to his lungs and declare them clear.   Saturday started the fever and Sunday landed us in the ER.

Xrays , bloodwork and a lovely qtip up the nose told us that Dimples has RSV.  Luckily he's almost 3 so it's not as severe as it could be if he were younger , not that knowing that makes it any better when he's coughing til he pukes and then coughing more.

One apparently unknown side effect of being sick with RSV is that it leads to emotional instability.  This boy is soo off the wall with his emotions. Laughing one moment, crying big huge sobs the next & trying to beat the beejeebers out of me the next. Sometimes he's laughing and crying at the same time.  Poor emotionally unstable child.   I just hope he gets better soon before the rest of them start going looney!!

Have I mentioned lately how tired I am of winter and colds??  No wonder I'm ready to move south. ugh.



  1. We are going through the same thing at my house. My son has been coughing and generally sick sick for what seems like forever. My daughter (competitive athlete) has been struggling with not getting sick since Christmas. With the snow melt, it just seems to get worse. Hope your sickness chaos ends soon!

  2. Seeing as I'm two stinkin' weeks behind...I hope everyone is back to "healthy" again.


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