Monday, February 7, 2011

Misc. Monday

Before we get to today's regularly scheduled post, I want to thank everyone who commented on my Failure post.  I wasn't looking for sympathy and quite honestly thought about deleting it a million times right after posting it.  But I decided, to hell with it, it's my blog and that's what I was feeling at that particular moment.  I've been able to pull myself out of the pit I was sitting in and honestly you're words of support helped a LOT.   So thanks!

I've also started contributing at a new upbeat place- all about one of my Favorite places on Earth.. *cough* Hint, Hint! *cough*   I'll share as soon as the official Launch happens!

Gpa Chaos (my daddy, yes I didn't name him correctly when I fake-named him - oh well) has taken up a bit of my mind lately.  He had a lovely trip to the hospital over the weekend. You see, he gets these mystery spells & his blood pressure crashes among other things. So he got the joy of spending the weekend in ICU & had to watch Superbowl commercials there alone - :o(  He is stable now and naturally they have released him and he's on his way home again.  Doctors frustrate me sometimes.  They never seem to figure out anything anymore.  They can't figure out TheToddler's issues and they never can figure out Gpa Chaos' issues.  They just treat the symptoms , get him stable and then shove him out the door without ever figuring out WHY.    At least he's better, right?!   


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