Friday, February 4, 2011


All things must come to an end. 

The great Blizzard of 2011 puttered out and (at least in my opinion) wasn't all it was hoped to be. Sure we missed school but we never lost power, and that my dears is a failure in the Great Storm department.

Another thing that ended this week-  Spoiled Princess finally crossed that threshold that separates the littles from the bigs.  She lost her first tooth!  And her second was to follow immediately after! If only it were a Tuesday it could have been a Two-fer Tuesday.  Alas it was a Two-fer Thursday which doesn't quite have the same ring to it.     Naturally, I have a picture..

See that gap up there?  Two bottom teeth are now lining the pockets of the Tooth Fairy.  Spoiled Princess woke up and immediately SQUEALED her delight that the Tooth Fairy had left her not one but TWO moneys.  Yay! Happy cheer.. I'm thinking that the next teeth may not take months to wiggle and wiggle and finally let Daddy pull out =)

Southern Darlin' has decided maybe it would be nice to have a tooth fall out of her head- just for the money, of course.  And naturally it's not fair that Spoiled Princess who is an entire year younger lost not one but two teeth first.  :sigh:    At least she's gotten over the thought that she would keep her baby teeth forever and ever amen.

In other news...

Today is wear RED to support Heart Disease Awareness.  We are definitely wearing red in the house today !  The lil boys wore red and I tried to take a picture, however TheToddler was not cooperating.. booger!
You might notice the pink necklace that TheToddler has on.. It's his newest addiction. He wants to wear either that pink heart necklace or his sisters' pink heart hat.  One is always on him .  Silly boy.  Real men wear pink, right?


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