Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Valentine's Day!

So, it's Valentine's day today.. The little kids are having their parties. We spent some time (I won't say how long.. ugh) doing Valentine cards last night.  But we got them done! Yay, accomplishment! 

When going thru Southern Darlin's backpack, I found a note from the teacher reminding me that I had signed up to bring a "Surprise" for the V-party today.   Why I sign up for these things at the beginning of the year I don't know.  I guess I have all this anticipation that "Yay! School is starting! I'm going to have soo much time!!"  but then reality sets in. 

Regardless, I now get to provide a "surprise" (why is it a "s" instead of a "z" in surprise.  It just looks funny like that) for 22 kiddos.   You may recall that my amount of creativity is pretty low.  I was thinking of just buying some heart shaped zebra cakes and calling it a day. 

But then Drama Queen offered to make sugar cookies.  She's a better mother than me somedays.  Homemade treats? geesh!  Doesn't she realize this only gets the expectations up for future treats that I'll sign up for and then promptly forget about ?? 

Regardless, I did my grocery shopping and came home with some cute pink decorative sugar to top the sugar cookies that she planned on making.  It was then that she realized I didn't buy anything and actually expected her to come forth with her offer.  Ha! Taught her, didn't I?  Let's just see if she offers up her non-existent skills again!

So she huffed off to the kitchen to make the cookies that I refused to take over for her.  She popped her head back in several times to ask questions.  I told her to make the simplest kind- drop cookies vs cut out cookies.  It was then questioned on what to use for "dropping" the cookies to which her father responded - a tablespoon. 

It's times like these that remind us how literal our oldest can be.  As we peeked in the kitchen after hearing banging, we see her using a measuring teaspoon and trying to beat the little blob of cookie dough out of it.   She did not appreciate the laughter that ensued.  I assured her that she just need to drop them on & they would "melt" into circular shapes.

I admit now that it was probably a lack of communication and clear cut instructions with pictures that resulted but I'll just say the result was interesting...

They taste fine even if they do look a little... funny..  I think the pink adds something to it, don't you?   

So I sent Southern Darlin' off with a container of misfit cookies and made sure to remind her several times over and over how much her big sister loved her to make these cookies- thus insuring she tells everyone at school that Momma didn't make those pretty cookies, Drama Queen did...  *bows*



  1. Cute! I think they look like "real" hearts (sort of). You know, the physical -in- your- chest type.
    At Teena's school, we are not allowed to bring in home- made stuff. It all has to be store bought. I'm guessing it's because not everyone has a clean kitchen or positive hygiene habits. But, for her birthday I spent almost $10.00 on the cheap, generic store brand cookies. Oh well. There were some left over for me so it worked out.

  2. She'd be really happy to know that I'm laughing at the tablespoon thing! :)


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