Friday, March 5, 2010

Snuggles & Cuddles

I just spent the past three hours holding & cuddling that adorable little munchkin baby.   I haven't seen her since she was still itty bitty (probably a week or so old) and she's 2 1/2months now! She's still got that newbornness to her (yes that is a word).   Baby Bug was NOT pleased that Momma was holding another baby and would burst into crocodile tears anytime he saw me holding her unless I held him too. ha, yes he is the baby of the family and darn well means to keep it that way :)  Her Momma reports that she slept 8hrs the other nite!  8hrs?? Baby Bug still doesn't do that! I'm so jealous!!  Oh my gosh do I ever want another baby.. Darn baby addiction anyway :)

In other news-  Spoiled Princess' tube surgery went remarkably well! She did not get the least bit upset. She loved her "princess" gown that she got to wear..
When the dr and then put-you-to-sleep-dude (cuz I can't spell the anesthesia guy) came in to talk to her about it & reminded her that there were no owies.. Just go back, smell the bubble gum mask, Blow up a balloon & then wake up in the popsicle room- She says "Uhmm I KNOW.." lol.  We did have a screamer next to us who was screaming about everything.. He didn't want to take off his shirt & put on the gown, then when told he could go back nekkid, he was worried about his shoes.. EVERYTHING made him scream.  Spoiled Princess just asked why he was screaming & when I told her probably because he was scared, she says "he's silly, huh?!"..  She did have a brief moment of pause when she found out that Momma couldn't go back into the surgery room with her but after a minute, she bravely marched off.

Afterwards is another story.. She did not want to wake up. Poor muffin.. They gave her some motrin b/c her ears hurwt. She laid in my arms for 15mins sleeping & then since we were about to be released, I got up up and dressed.. She then proceeded to lay on the bed and go back to sleep.. Silly girl.  We finally got outta there and grabbed some breakfast & headed home! Total time in hospital 1.5hrs including all wait time.. not bad, not bad at all!!

All is well in the Kingdom of Chaos :) Nothing like ending the week with no sore ears & some baby snuggling !!  Not to mention that today is Attitude King's 12th bday but that is another post in itself .


  1. Oh, she is so cute, even crying she is cute. My kid would have been the one screaming.


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