Monday, March 8, 2010

De Plane!! De Plane !!

It's getting closer..   Closer and closer to the day that Southern Darlin' will officially be a member of the Chaos family.   

I made our reservations for our hotel in the State-Not-To-Be-Named-But-ahem-Very-Large.  The phone conversation went something like this :

Me: Hi there, I'm trying to find out if you have any rooms that can fit my super large family of 8? 
Cute Accented Southern Hotel Lady: I'm sorry darlin, but due to fire marshal policies we cannot put that many in any room. I can put you in connecting rooms but we can't actually guarantee that they'll be connecting.. (huh?)
Me: Uhmm, no that won't really work.  You see we're coming down to finalize our adoption & most of our children are small so we really need a room together (sympathy card played).  Are you sure there aren't any exceptions? I can put the youngest two in pack n plays?? (pleading voice b/c no way in HELL am I paying for 2rooms!)
Cute Accented Southern Hotel Lady: No, I'm sorry.. It's marshal policy.. If you uhm didn't tell me that you had that many people then I could book you a room. If you know what I'm saying. The most I can book is 6 per room so if you had a family of 6 I could set you up.
Me: Ok, let's book for a family of 6 :)
CASHL:  Ok, I have a suite that has 2 bedrooms with 2 king size beds & a pull out couch, will that work?  I'll also put you down for 2 pack n plays. 

ha.  I love it.  Honestly I wont even need the pack n plays b/c HELLO? King size beds.. That will fit 3-4 little kids, DCS need not know :)   I'm still choking on the cost since I live in the land of timeshares and exchanges that are less than $200 for the week.. Spending  $130/nite makes me die just a little but I am happy recognizing the coolness of the deal I got. So I'll shut up.  

I'm thinking of going to the drive thru animal park because it looks cool! We meant to do it last time but didn't make it.. Might as well turn this forced trip into a mini vacation if we can :) 

**side note, yes I realize we aren't taking a plane to that far away state so the title makes no sense whatsoever.. But it popped into my head and there you have it ;) 

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  1. Lets see, super large state... must be Alaska. Congrats on the upcoming finalization- that's awesome!!!
    The hotel room sounds great.


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