Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Because I suck..

Yes I fully admit it.. But then you already knew that didn't you?  

I completely, fully, 110% suck at birthday posts.  I never get them done on time and then I sit here feeling like a horrible mom b/c I can't figure out WHAT to write.  Or correction- what to write that I haven't done in previous years. 
My oldest two boys both had birthdays in the past week.   Attitude King turned 12. Right on the cusp of becoming a teenager- Lord help us all. I still have a hard time understanding how time flies by super quick once you become a parent.. This child o'mine  who once was the baby of the family, who I thought would be my last baby is now  this close to becoming a teenager.  I mean geesh, he'll be out of the house in another 6yrs and we all know how fast that is going to go. I could cry.. 
Quit smiling & take a serious picture..
Mom! I can't quit when you TELL me too..
Quit Smiling already kid..Geez, think of something bad..Like LAUNDRY!
 Much better.. I give you, folks, The Laundry Pout Face..
(Dibs on that particular name..) 

Anyhoo... On his actual bday, he invited over his best bud to spend the nite. The best bud who shares the same name.  I'm not sure if I've pointed this out before (and quite frankly  I'm beating off The Toddler trying to get this written so I don't have time go back and look between editing out his lovely keystrokes & trying to actually say something) but the other Attitude King is the complete opposite of ours. While the real Attitude King is what I consider big for his age- he's almost as tall as me, has feet as big as his dad & weighs what I did when I graduated highschool, the other Attitude King is itty bitty. When sitting next to each other you'd think the imposter was surely several years younger.  Apparently they grow smaller in Arizona? Maybe the heat shrunk him?  The whole point of me pointing this out is not that I'm a bitch who likes to make fun of little boys (ok that's only true part of the time) , but that it is a constant source of amusement in our household when he's over.  The little kids are always confused at there being TWO  AKs.. So they have taken to calling him  "Little AK"  which amuses me to absolutely no end.  I love it.  I may have called him that a time or two.  Gosh I'm a bully, but it fits :)  Ok where was I going with this?  I dunno.. I'm lost...

Moving on..  Attitude King had his 12th bday.. We did bday stuff but saved cake for last nite with Drool Prince.. Who also had his bday this month.  Drool Prince turned 4 yesterday! As hard as it is for me to imagine AK being 12, it's even harder if possible to comprehend that Drool Prince is now 4.. That 4yrs ago tomorrow, I went to the hospital and picked up this little munchkin who would put us thru sooo much worry.. He definitely changed our lives.  It does make me a little bit sad that his 4th birthday is spent still a foster child. 4 complete years in our family and still not finalized.  Sad that I can't show you his adorable pictures so you can all say "Oh, I see.. He is the most handsome little boy in the entire world" .. cuz you'd totally say that. Trust me.  He has dimples to DIE FOR.

In the end, our whirlwind of birthdays has come to an end & we get a little break until it's The Toddler's bday in May.. Aging is such an oddity. I love the joy of each new year and wondering about what they'll learn this coming year.. Yet I miss that the previous years have went so fast & try hard to cling to the memories.  Someday soon, before I can even blink my babies will all be grown up.


  1. I always thought Mommas should get flowers on their kiddos birthdays- So here's virtual flowers for you.



  2. ----'@

    (The other half says this is a rose, and a better flower than my spiky flower)

  3. Awww! Thanks for the flowers (both of them) Ashley :) I agree completely.. Moms are the ones that do all the hard work on the original birthday (which only works for one of the boys but still!) so we should get the flowers :)

  4. Those rotten little stinkers, growing like that!

    Ever since I gave birth I have firmly believed that birthdays should be all about the Mom. Listen, I worked hard for a long time to make this kid. Then the grand finale involved 30 hours and 3rd degree tearing and a whole new person. MY day. That was MY day!


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