Sunday, March 14, 2010

At last! Picture to amaze you :)

At last!!  Remember way back ohhh say LAST YEAR when Daddy Chaos began the great Light Improvement?  I'm pretty sure I mentioned it a time or two that one light went up , another went down & I was left with an empty spot & hanging wires for ohhh, I dunno, a year & 13days.

I would like to present you with this ::

Yes you have it! We have a light again! :) Yay Daddy Chaos* !   I wont even mention the other light that hasn't come down yet to be replaced because I am 100% happy to have this one :)

*Daddy Chaos would like me to remind everyone that Hello, he has a BACK issue and did have SURGERY which is why he did not get the light fixed. He did finally fix it despite the possibility of re-injuring himself so Momma would quit nagging & talking about it on her blog and making him sound like a lazy ass white trash husband.

** Lest you think I say this in all seriousness, please know that Daddy Chaos is absolutely 100% awesome. I just like to tease & give him a hard time.. most of the time :)

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  1. It certainly is beautiful! Glad you will be able to see what you are doing now!


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