Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A day of dresses

A few weeks back we were shopping & ran across this cute dress. I snatched it up immediately for Southern Darlin' for her adoption dress.. Not too frilly but something that really suits Southern Darlin'.  Not what I was originally picturing for her adoption dress but I loved it , she loved it, Daddy Chaos had no feelings either way so we bought it!  Happy dance.. Then last weekend came.

We were out shopping again (I know, it's a pattern) and Drama Queen pointed out this CUTE dress.. So I did what seemed natural- snatched it up too. Daddy Chaos shook his head but said nothing.  It was decided that both girls would have new dresses for the adoption & we'd go home and do a fashion show to see which  looked better on Southern Darlin' (it is her day after all) and Spoiled Princess would get the other one. 

What resulted was a photo shoot more than a fashion show but it was fun nonetheless. While I obviously can't share Southern Darlin's pictures YET, I will share Spoiled Princess in both dresses- they look pretty similar with the exception that Southern Darlin' has lighter hair... more of a dirty blonde.  Plus Spoiled Princess has Alot more experience with getting her picture taken & she naturally poses.. I swear the girl is gonna be a model. 

With all that said.. I give you the Dresses : 

I am on the hunt for different flower hairbows for the actual day
but what we had worked for now.. I'm amazed :)  

This is the first dress we bought a few weeks ago.  Ironically after doing a 'fashion show' at home & sending some of the photo shoot pics to a few friends. Everyone (including the girls themselves) agrees on which dress looks better on who.  Thankfully Southern Darlin' is happy with the choice & it's the dress she wanted anyway!

So this is Southern Darlin's dress !

Spoiled Princess insisted I take her picture next to her favorite JoBro.. She has a tiny crush. ha

Spinning.. and spinning.. Look Mom, the skirt goes out!
Spoiled Princess' dress for the occasion :) I think it's the darker hair but this one washes out Southern Darlin' too much.. 
And there you have it.. Rotten girl posed for all those pics (plus many MANY others I didn't share) all on her own w/no direction from me.. Actually if you look at any pictures of her, she normally "poses".  Silly girl :)  That's ok, models make lots of money right? She can support her Momma ! And now, we have to go SHOE shopping.. Daddy Chaos is not looking forward to it .. heheee

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