Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bad Words..

In the van on the way home from preschool :

Momma:  So who got in trouble at preschool today?

Spoiled Princess:  Not me!!

Drool Prince:  I did!!

Momma: You got in trouble today Drool Prince? (Momma is shocked b/c she had expected to hear a chorus of "Not Me"s) What did you do? 

Drool Prince:  I said Bad Words..

Momma:  What bad words did you say?  (mentally ticking off bad words that have come out of her mouth lately and trying to figure out how to blame this on someone else)

Drool Prince:   Bad words..

Momma: I know bad words, but which one? You can say it once right now and you won't get in trouble. I just want to know what you said.

Drool Prince:  uhmm.. Bears.

Momma: Bears is not a bad word.

Drool Prince: ohh.. uhmm.. Bear POOP.

Momma: Bear Poop is not a bad word.  (wondering if poop is what he's considering the bad word? It could be a "bad word" in some houses but aLOT worse has been said here)

Spoiled Princess: (deciding to pipe in and be helpful) There's only one bad words Drool Prince. Dammit! Did you say Dammit?

Drool Prince: That's what I said Momma.. Dammish!

Momma:  Spoiled Princess, did YOU just say Dammit??

Spoiled Princess:  I was only trying to help him think of a bad word. It doesn't count does it?

Silly gooses..

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