Thursday, March 18, 2010

Miss Gold

Attitude King recently participated in Math Bowl for school.. He did Science Bowl last month.. Why yes, my son is a geek.  A very loveable geek, not the kind with taped together glasses (although he has been threatened with that if he does NOT quit breaking them!).

He came home with  a Gold from Math Bowl :) Very excited was he!!  Plus he was Team Leader.. I'm proud, don't get me wrong.. But I think the school really should have rethought using their initials on the shirts like this :

I give you MISS Math Bowl.. I offered to sharpie in the missing 's' for him but he didn't think that was too funny.  Humor, you have to get it somewhere right? Why not at the expense of your kids, what were they born for after all?!   No worries Attitude King, I'm sure that soon enough we'll have plenty of baseball pics to boost back up your manly image!

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  1. Kids are TOTALLY here to provide us with entertainment, but especially teens- preteens.


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