Friday, March 19, 2010

Giving in Gracefully

Will you just guess who I babysat tonite last nite (cuz I'm really lazy and can't finish a post)?  The cutest little bitty.. Remember Maybe Baby? Yep, her :) She's almost 3months and just adorable.. Although I guess we need to come up with a new name for her.. So I now dub her M&M ~ cuz she's sweet and you just want to gobble her up.

I was told that she hardly ever spits up, only to have her lean over with that baby perfection & puke right down my shirt, filling my cleavage.. Yum.. Not.  An outfit change for her & I was in order before we even had her for 30mins.   After that, things were smooth sailing though!

The kids were all absolutely in love with her. Oh my goodness! Both little girls couldn't wait to hold her & they both got to feed her -which just thrilled them to no end.  I really didn't get her much at all until they went to bed. Everyone had to have their turn holding the baby.  ha.    I wont even say how it seems like another itty bitty would fit so easily, I mean look how much the lil girls wanted to help.

Daddy Chaos walked into the house, looked at me with miss M&M in the sling & said uhmm NO MORE.   Yes dear, I hear you.   I'm done.. really I am.. Kinda a forced retirement but I'll accept it graciously (with minimal whining.. ha).

I had many a cute picture but alas need to check with her Mama before posting any..  When her Mama pulled in at 11pm to pick her up I realized- O.M.G I am getting old.  11pm is way way wayyyy past my bedtime..


  1. Ya know, it totally sounds like you are bragging about your cleavage. Those of us who are cleavage impaired might resent your reference to puke filled cleavage.

    (totally jk)

  2. Essie~ Ha!! If it makes you feel any better, I had absolutely no cleavage until I had kids. My boobs didn't get the memo that you go back down after you give birth.. Luckily for me. Somehow Drama Queen has more in the chest department now than I did when I was pg with her.. She didn't get it for me. lol


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