Friday, March 19, 2010

Of all the ways to start a day..

I'm sure we have discussed my hatred of puke.  Odd in itself, I have no problems with puking myself.  I'm all in favor of getting it over with & feeling better for a few moments.  However, I have always (for as long as I can remember, with the exception of one morning sickness episode where I had to make the father of the baby I was carrying yet had never slept with pull the car over and let me out along side a major freeway-fun times, always!) puked in a toilet -where vomit belongs.  Vomit in any other place and not coming from me is not allowed.   So let us being what has been a day from hell..

First you will remember that I got puked on yesterday by M&M.  Baby puke that comes out pretty much as it went in does not bother me.  It's when they reach that point of 'grown up' puke.. Chunks are not allowed.

So today started as any other day.  Spoiled Princess had an appt scheduled for her post-op ear check. No biggie.  Drool Prince decided it would be a wonderful morning to soak himself & then lay in it & tear at his mattress. ugh.  The boy kills me some days.. just kills me.

Things were moving along at an appropriate pace. Lil kids eating their breakfast, The Toddler refusing as normal.  So I sat in my favorite spot with The Toddler & was giving him his bottle of pediasure.  3oz into it and he sits up and proceeds to puke ALL. OVER. ME.  Fountain style where it just kept coming and coming.. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO Gross.

After I managed to get him and myself to the bathroom and stripped b/c ewwww, we were both soaked head to toe. I cleaned up and dumped all the clothes in the bathtub.  In my defense, I did attempt to rinse out the chunks (eww) but I kept gagging.. Daddy Chaos understands my puke issue and was impressed that I actually cleaned up the couch itself.   We were just discussing how this is one of those very few circumstances where I feel a 2nd wife is acceptable. Naturally the 2nd wife must be proficient in cleaning up vomit no matter where it is or who it came from.. She also must understand that cleaning vomit is her Only job & she will be put in the closet until needed.. Ohh, and she'll be very ugly with hairy moles or something.   Just sayin'.   Maybe a robot type maid would work better??  It's a thought in progress, leave me alone.

Anyhoo, see I got all distracted on making sure the fine print was there on the 2nd wife deal (which Daddy Chaos says makes it not worth it anymore.. spoils sport) and forgot what I was saying.. Immediately upon cleaning up the grossness, I called upon Cowie.  I'm pretty sure she could hear the near breaking in my voice and she came right over and scooped Drool Prince up to take him home and spoil him for the day.. Pukey kid is bad.. but having one who's prone to being rotten just to irritate Momma in the same house with a pukey kid is worse.

Needless to say, Spoiled Princess' appt was canceled to which she is upset b/c she got all ready. Whateva.

Daddy will be home soon to save us from the pukies.. The kid only puked one more time and it wasn't much but I'm still tramatized by the first one.  At least the new steam cleaner might get used to clean my couch.. That's a bonus right?

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