Saturday, February 21, 2009

Home improvement at it's finest..

Daddy Chaos is not what you'd call a handyman. Don't get me wrong! I love the man and he is good at soo many things, but fixing up (and finishing it) are just not one of his finer points. He tries, truely he does, it's just that some things take more time than he has and well what's put off til tomorrow will be put off yet again..

A prime example would be our new screen doors. We moved here Fall '05. Fall'06 we purchased two new screen doors - 1 for the front door and 1 for the back door. We had to special order these doors (which is going to be part of the problem) to get them with handles on the correct side & the color we wanted. So when the doors finally came in, we picked them up and promptly put them in our garage. It was too cold to put them up now.. Dang special ordering anyway. The following spring hit and eventually the doors went up.. Ohh wait, the Door went up. The front door. That project in itself was a fiasco- the door is on, looks great but since someone wouldn't listen to me about which side the door handle was supposed to go on according to our special order.. well the door handle doesn't work. That same someone told me and I quote "This is one of those doors where you can put the handle on either side, no problem". Now that might be very true, however if you put a right handed handle on as a left handed handle, well quite frankly- it just don't work. No ifs , ands or buts about it.. Here we are coming onto Spring '09 and I still have the wrong handle that lifts UP instead of down on my front door and no new door on the back door (it's still in its box). Now that I think about it , my front porch light is still missing b/c the old one didn't fit with the door and not naming names or anything but someone never measured so we could buy a new one. Yeah, I know I could probably do that myself but if you knew how safe I am on a ladder you wouldn't suggest it.. I need Help getting down from a step ladder.. just sayin'.

I could go on about other little things (like the 3way switch at our staircase that went bad and needed replaced- sure it works but not the way it's supposed to..oops) but I won't. Cuz I'm nice like that :o)

All of this to preface our latest home improvement attempt.. The kitchen has 2 long flouresent lights & then a ceiling fan in the middle.. One of those flouresent lights has been flickering for a while now and Daddy Chaos got a burr up his bum to change the light bulb which would have been fine except.. things never go smoothly here. The light cover decided to splinter into about 15pieces which set Daddy Chaos' temper off and he declared those lights were going down!

Off to the store we went, light shopping! :) We came home, happy with our purchases and Daddy Chaos got to work.

Ceiling fan- GONE!

Pretty new light fixture- check!

Daddy Chaos, hard at work..

Ugly old flouresent light
And sadly this is how it still looks today.. One pretty light fixture in exchange for the ceiling fan, one ugly flourescent gone- empty space left, and one ugly flourescent still in place. To his side, all the lifting over his head really did a number on Daddy Chaos' already screwed up back. I fully supported quitting for the weekend, but you might note that was 2 weekends ago.. I'm hoping that sometime this year we'll get the new lights up. I'll keep you posted !


  1. He must be related to Papa Bugga Bugga. Although he usually never even STARTS them. Just watches things fall apart, talk about hiring someone to fix them, then decide we can't afford it right now.

    One day maybe!

  2. uh oh, were you at my house? Lol! My burden to (sp?)is a half- finisher. Nothing gets done. Nothing. Unless I finish it or hire someone. Maddening I tell you!

  3. Just checking in to see if you have lights yet. Guess not, good to see Essie was just here, and I'm not the only one staying up way toooooo late when I know there are four year olds getting up soon.

  4. Hey ladies.. No lights yet.. I'm hoping maybe this weekend since we have birthday parties for Drool Prince & Attitude King planned for next weekend.. Maybe he'll want to have the lights up before people come over?? However, since it's all family coming, it's quite possible that it really won't affect his ambition.. I will update when /if it gets done !LOL!

    side note- my word verification word is weenesse (which to me sounds like WEINIES).. lol


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