Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To wake or not to wake?

Here's the scenario.. Let's say you have to run a quick errand.. During the car ride, your 9month old (omg how did he get to be 9months old already?) decides to let loose and smell up the car. No biggie, you're only 3minutes from home. Go thru the drive thru @ CVS (b/c naturally that's your errand- duh), grab the prescription that you completely forgot to pick up on Sunday and now have CVS' automated phone line calling you to remind you "Hey stupid, pick up the refill you asked for!", and head for home. Only to get home and realize that despite the constant yammering between said stinky 9mo's 2 & 4yo siblings, he has managed to fall asleep. Take all 3 kiddos into the house, set the carseat (with said stinky 9mo inside) down- potty the other two &put them in bed figuring that the loss of car ride motion will surely wake up the stinky one. Come back to the carseat only to realize that stinky one is STILL sleeping.

This is where you're in a pickle.. The boy REEKS to high heaven.. I mean seriously, I had to light 3 candles and my eyes are still wanting to water. Do you wake him up to change the diaper or just leave him sleep and change him when he wakes up on his own?

Honestly, I had to really think about this one. Baby Bug has not been sleeping well at all lately. Worse than normal , a fact I'm sure is due to the new budding top tooth. During his sleep study in Jan. the report showed 17 awakenings (yes SevenTEEN)...So to say I was almost afraid of waking him up is no joke.. But I couldn't handle the smell more than 5minutes and had to change him. He almost slept thru it.. I was this close but then those little beady precious eyes popped open.

I can only be thankful that he actually went back to sleep after about 20mins of singing, hushing, and rocking. Now I just need to invest in a quieter keyboard cuz this thing is LOUD!

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