Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ewww.. just EWW!

It's just barely March and we have gotten both our tax refunds back. I promise I wont gloat too much if you happen to be like my parents and are just now thinking about getting your stuff around to file.. Sorry peeps, I want my refund now!lol!
Most of our tax refund is dedicated to trying to dig ourselves out of this lovely credit card debit. So no nice trips to Disney or blowing a ton on a new furniture set (I wish!).. However, I did need a new vacuum. Maybe need is a strong word.. I Wanted a new vacuum. I hated our old one.. We have one of those Tri-Stars (the pig) that we were conned gentle persuaded into buying way back years ago. I loved it for the first few years, even though I had to pay an arm, a leg & two small children to get it ~ all thru convenient monthly payments of course! But over the years, it's become a PITA. I'll just leave it at that.
Soo when I went into Kohl's (love them-- hey Kohl's management, if you see this I'd love a gift card.. hint hint! (lmao, like Kohl's would really be cruisin my blog.. lol) ) with my awesome 20% coupon.. They just happened to have a Dyson ANIMAL on sale.. ohhhh ahh.. But being me, I had to think about it for a while and Drool Prince picked that moment to have a meltdown... So we left the store to let him sit in the car and cool off. When we came back later in the day, the last one was GONE. drats!! Daddy Chaos, awesome provider that he is, went to customer service and learned that we could order it online @ the sale price (almost 1/2 off) Plus use my 20% off coupon PLUS get free shipping.. Why the heck not?
So today, guess what the UPS man brought me? My new sweeper!! Woot !Woot! Naturally I wasn't expecting it so soon , so I got to answer the door in my PJ's and robe @11am. I'm sure the UPS man will be rushing back to my house-not.
Because I'm a geek to the core, I had to immediately rip the box open, all the while fending off the baby who thought it really looked like a giant chew toy. I whipped my new baby out and hooked him right up. (I've named him George, btw). I then proceeded to vacuum my living room & dining area..
Now I am not the best of housekeepers but I am not a complete slob! The house gets vacuumed (normally by Attitude King b/c he likes to do it so he gained that chore) at least once a week, more if it looks dirty. What I found when I was done completely grossed me out :
That people is from my living room & dining room ALONE.. They aren't BIG?! Ewwwwwwwww! I'm saving it just like that to show Daddy Chaos before I empty and sweep again, and again and again til I feel clean.. EWWW.. ooh and the old vacuum? Totally going in the garbage.. Nasty old thing EWW!
**side note- Thank you spell check.. I can never spell Vacuum, I mean honestly who puts two U's in anything??
***Other Side note-- for those wondering, the kitchen lights have still not been put up!


  1. You just totally reminded me of that Everybody Loves Raymond episode where Ray gets suckered into buying that new vacuum and Debra is appalled by how dirty her house actually was so she takes it over to Marie's house to find some dirt. I loved that episode. Obviously I don't get out much.

  2. I bought one of those several years ago. I became OCD in vacuuming, (which by the way, who spells things that way?) It was so grody gross. We ended up vacuuming daily, and just cringe at how much grossness we lived in when we only did it once a week. Now we have hard wood and it's swiffer.


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