Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's a learned style..

Drool Prince can do many things at almost 3 that Spoiled Princess (newly 4) is just learning to do as well. I'm fairly certain that they are under the impression that they are twins and need to do things together? Examples, you ask??

Speech- Spoiled Princess was in speech therapy at age 2 (Drool Prince age 1). Her therapist worked very well with her but it was a homebased therapy, so Drool Prince benefitted as well. When the therapist would be trying to get SP to work on her "L"s (a letter she still has a hard time with) she'd say La la la LION.. You'd heard Drool Prince in the hallway shouting La La La LION.. To this day, he's much clearer to understand than Spoiled Princess.

Potty Training- last spring, when I was ready to throw the towel in, give up and just KNEW I'd be sending my little girl to school in diapers (sure it was still a few years off, but I was having a dramatic moment) Spoiled Princess discovered the shiny sticker reward chart that was the key to our success.. Drool Prince decided to do the potty thang as well.. Until his baby bro showed up and he decided it was time to be like someone younger for a change.. Oh how I miss that going in the potty time..

Another thing that Drool Prince mastered right along with Spoiled Princess was the new ability to Dress One's Self! ohhh ahhhh.. We're still working on it just a tad though but hey he can do socks which throw Spoiled Princess into a tissy!

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  1. He must have seen my boys out and about. They always have the pants on backwards, along with the underwear.


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