Monday, April 14, 2008

Who'd have thunk?

Do you see those shiny/glittery dophin stickers?? THOSE are the reason for our success !

Spoiled Princess will now POOP IN THE POTTY!! Yes people, this is exciting news! I've tried everything under the sun & nothing was working. When I got home after my week long stay in the hospital o'fun ~ she had been going potty for Daddy Chaos & G'pa all week long.. Mommy gets home and it's full force back to peeing & pooping in our pants. Great times I tell ya! :)
What finally got us over this potty training hump in our life? STICKERS! Sure I'd tried stickers before but apparently not the right kind of stickers..
You see, there is a magical quality to my special stickers.. We have regular stickers for pee- because hey that's alot easier :) But we have extra special super shiny & glittery POOPIE Stickers! ohh yes, it's enough to make you want to lay down and roll around in them with joy..
No more screaming and refusing to potty.. Now she just says "mommy I need to go potty" and off we go.. Stickers go on the chart & we count how many times she's went potty..
Next step-- big girl real UNDIES! One step at a time people!

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