Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Random things learned from a hospital stay

In no particular order, a few things that I've learned over the course of our lovely hospital stay last week with Drool Prince.

* Blood is not easy to get out of the tiny crevices of one's shoes. In the future swing feet out of the way when toddler starts vomiting blood.

* Apparently Xray techs should learn to listen to the parent when they say that NO in fact the surgeon did NOT put a wire in during this surgery almost 2yrs ago and just simply 'forget' to tell me about it..

* Being stuck in the PICU for 5days makes anyone who is not already claustrophobic- now claustrophobic..

* Realize belatedly that having the nurses hold your screaming toddler down IN THEIR CRIB every 6hrs for a new blood draw- that yes consists of a brand new stick in the very same poor bruised arm- is probably not the best of ideas. Especially when days later the same said toddler is refusing any bed that has bars & now wakes up screaming and kicking if anyone touches him while asleep.. Tramatized? nahhh..

* Being gone for almost a week- away from the Princess 3yo who has been doing soo well potty training all week- will only result in full fledge potty avoidance once Mommy is back home again.

* Hospital pull out chair/beds are NOT very big.. In fact, it is very difficult to fit a full size adult & a toddler in one together when said toddler refuses to sleep in the crib-o-torture..

* It is absolutely inevitable that the moment one child is hospitalized, the other will come down with chickenpox and thus be unable for anyone to visit the hospital. Mild case or not.. SUCKS!

* PICU has much better sized tvs, however they pick up maybe half the channels as the regular Peds floor -- odd, I know..

* Advantage to moving down to regular Peds floor (if only for 1day) is that I get my OWN bathroom!! No more waiting and sharing a bathroom with 10 other rooms..

* Long hospital stays always make chaotic home seem soooo much more relaxing!

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