Sunday, March 30, 2008

He ate WHAT?

Sorry I've been MIA all week.. Turns out , it was a good week to spend in the hospital - in the Pediatric ICU.. Gotta love that! I'll tell the whole story later (probably in parts so I can rant and rave longer) but long story short- Drool Prince apparently (at some time in the past month or two) took a liking to this :
Yes -the wire NOT the quarter.. Looks yummy and appetizing to you too, doesn't it? Who knows where he got it from or WHY in the world he thought it would be a good idea to not only stick it in his mouth, but swallow it as well?? It ended up with some lovely internal bleeding, threat of emergency surgery, a blood transfusion & a nice long stay in the PICU.
We're home now and everyone's fine.. But oh my lordy what a long week that was !!


  1. wow!!!!! I am glad that he is ok. Why do kids and pets eat things that are NOT food!!!!

  2. Yikes!!!! I'm so glad he's okay!


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