Saturday, March 22, 2008

Eggs, eggs & more eggs...

Coloring eggs with a 2 & 3yo is ..... interesting.. Also note, that somehow several of our packs of egg coloring was , uhm,... misplaced? Perhaps little gremlin easter bunnies needed to borrow them? Either way, we ended up with just 1 packet of coloring cups.. And 4 kids that wanted to color.. FUN!

So we did what any sane parent would do- make them pair up! Attitude King helped Spoiled Princess.. They were a pretty good team & had fun coloring the eggs! Spoiled Princess only had a minor meltdown when she had to quit & let the other kids have a turn.. I mean come on, what 3yo princess
can be expected to Share? Geesh what were we thinking?

Drama Queen helped Drool Prince.. Or rather Drama Queen colored the eggs while continously telling Drool Prince to stop that- don't grab my arm- ahhhh MOM HELP! All the while Drool Prince was chanting - I paint too! I paint! My turn?! I'm guessing 2yos are a bit too young to really get into the 'painting' of eggs.. He felt that he must THROW the egg into the cup as hard as he could. When he was allowed to help Drama Queen take the egg back out with that lovely little egg catcher metal thingamajiggy he would make her arm go up and down thus dunking and redunking the egg and spilling colored water all over! lol! A blast in 2yo terms :)

We all survived & the eggs are done! THANK GOD! Of course the Easter Egg Hunt in the morning might result in bloodshed. Spoiled Princess & Drool Prince have quite the competitive streak. Drama Queen declared that 12 is NOT too old to be hunting ..

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