Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weekend! A day early :)

Woohoo! I love long weekends! The weekend is the only time I can completely relax and let this stress go. DCS is closed and I know that absolutely nothing will happen and I will get NO answers..

Although Drama Queen & Attitude King both have school tomorrow & Daddy Chaos has work-- DCS is CLOSED for holiday (who am I kidding? They close for every single holiday they can get away with!) so my weekend starts a day early!

Honestly the stress is wearing on me a bit.. Still waiting to find out what in the world they are going to do about Spoiled Princess' Lil Bro (if anything), waiting on things to move forward with Drool Prince's case, waiting to hear about Spoiled Princess' Big Sis -who I recently found out was in care in another state.. Another state I might add, who actually seems to CARE about the sibling bond & might actually do something about it . :gasp:.. But I can let all this go til Monday morning because I know without a doubt that there's nothing I can do and nothing that will happen til then.. RELIEF!


Drool Prince (who may get his name changed to Prince of Destruction) has officially entered the terrible two's.. He has been all out onery all week. I partially blame that on his dr appt earlier in the week which took all day & totally threw off his schedule, but I'm probably just kidding myself.. I think the terrible two's are here to stay.. Everyone watch out- beware of flying crayons, swinging viewmasters & God Forbid the screech of rage!!

Have a great holiday weekend!! May you all be blessed with PEACE & QUIET! :)

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