Friday, March 6, 2009

I suck @ mom posts.

I'm sure those few of you that actually read already know this but just in case any newbies are popping their heads in-- I suck! I think about posting important dates, I have the post all thought out in my head & ready to be typed and saved forever on the web.. And then life happens. For the past 9months or so, that means that Baby Bug refused to let me set (sit?) him down for more than 2 minutes and I'm sorry but I can Not churn out a decent post in 2minutes.

Just thought I'd explain to you why I'm a day late on posting about Attitude King's 11th bday!! My bad.. I'm getting 0 mom points.. Sad I know, I've been trying to save up for a Mommy-Day-Off purchase but those Mom points are just hard to earn!

11years (and 1day) ago, we welcomed our first son into the world. Wait, wait, wait! Let's go back even farther... Roughly 11yrs,9months (and 1day) ago, I convinced Daddy Chaos that one more just one more pretty pretty please kiddo wouldnt' be a bad idea. So he agreed to try just one month and if not too bad for me wholeheartedly that we needed to add a 2nd baby to the Kingdom of Chaos (then not quite so chaotic). Lucky for me, I get pregnant when he just looks at me cross-eyed (probably why he was thrilled to get those manly parts cut open and tied off - although he still prays if I'm just a millisecond late). Attitude King liked to keep us worried and guessing from the beginning.. All those lovely pee-sticks that I took with Drama Queen (all that were positive), I took the same number with Attitude King.. except his were negative. I was confused. I Knew I was pregnant, there was simply no doubt in my mind.. Eventually the dr did a blood test and agreed with me. And after a brief bleeding scare, the pregnancy moved on without worries.

Unlike his big sister (who has never listened a day in her life), he didn't make me wait almost 2wks past his due date, although I guess to be fair -he didnt have much choice. Daddy Chaos was due to leave on a TDY for an entire YEAR (wah) to Korea, so the drs agreed that they'd induce at 38wks so he could actually meet his son before leaving.

Bright and early on March 5, 1998 we headed off to the hospital to get induced. Sorry little dude, it was time to come out. Silly me, being the naive young'un I thought being induced meant I'd have the baby w/o having to be there for 12+hours. Hmmp. To move things along, the dr decided to break my (his?) amniotic sack.. Attitude King did NOT like this one bit & I ended up getting this lovely little hose stuck back up inside me to pump some fake 'water' back up there to make his little princelyness happy. Always one to be catered to, he was much happier with that.. To make a very long story short- the boy eventually made his appearance and all was well.

It's funny that I can remember all the little details of his birth, the fact that ironically he was born in the exact same delivery room as his big sister, that lovely hose experience (although honestly who's gonna forget that), and his first moments here, all of which were 11yrs (and 1day) ago yet I have problems remembering what I ate last week for supper.. lol.

And although I meant to go further with this, Baby Bug is awake and having a hissy so I'll have to come back and finish later.. I'd not post and wait til I could finish but heck that'd make it even LATER and then I'd have to deduct Mom points..


  1. ...and yet the kingdom of chaos now has five kiddos reigning, even though the three littlest came without the pregnancy and birth (and yet you had one of those anyway,without adding a baby to the mix!)... so was that all in the plan when the cut was made? After two planned babies we had an unexpected third (well, I was still trying to convince hubby - and he took the risk!) so when that last baby turned one hubby went off for the cut...and then we started fostering and adopted two! So our original idea of two kidlets turned into five (and still counting)! Who wants to have their whole life neatly planned and laid out without surprises anyway?

  2. Funny my hubby could only handle one pregnancy before he ran and got snipped. Hormone overload is not attractive on me I guess. We now have six and I pray if I'm a second late. Anyway, welcome to the sucky mom club.

  3. It's a fine mommy post. Don't worry. ;-)


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