Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snappy Titles are Overrated..

So much to do.. So much to see.. So what's wrong with taking the backstreets?

oops got off on a tangent there.. Stupid song gets stuck in my head sometimes.

Things have been hectic here and it's only getting worse.  ENT, 1st Step re-evals, psych appt, genetic testing, Tube surgery... ahhhh!

First things first :
Spoiled Princess has been having ear issues since January. Two rounds of antibiotics and nothing is kicking it.  We had our first ENT appt yesterday to discuss the issue.  They did a hearing test first only to find that she has some hearing loss in both ears- more so in the chronically infected.  sigh.

Good news is that they also did a nerve hearing test which showed she really has perfect hearing, the fluid on her ears is just clouding things for now.

Bad news is that this means surgery.. Granted it's only tubes and I'm told it's VERY common place and very easy.  This is the first major thing Spoiled Princess has ever done. She's never been in the hospital, never had any real issues. Funny that she waits til she's 5 to get ear problems.

Good news is that they managed to get her on the schedule for tubes on Thursday!! So Momma doesn't have to worry and drive herself crazy waiting.. And so Spoiled Princess can finally get a full night's sleep again w/o having to wake up screaming that her ears hurt!!!  Yippee!  Spoiled Princess is my worrier. She's a sensitive child as you might remember from the preschool dropout days.... So on the way home from the ENT, I casually mentioned that we'd get to go back to the dr later in the week and they were going to FIX her ears! yay!! No more ear pain, no more ear drops, no more hot water bottles!! How fun! :)  She looked the tiniest bit worried & I assured her that it wouldnt' hurt at all. They'd give her a little mask to breath & she'd go right to sleep , they'd fix her ears and she'd be up again! No problem.  After pondering this for a moment, she perked up and asked- they'll put me to sleep like they do Drool Prince when he gets his pacemaker fixed?  Yup.  Ok.  Back to her movie courtsey of Daddy Chaos' magic van.   A few minutes from home, movie over, I looked back to see tears welling up..  I asked what was wrong?  Spoiled Princess immediately bursts into tears that she simply CANNOT go to Kindergarten next year because.. it's sooo long.. Much longer than preschool.. and when will she see  Mommy?? She will miss Mommy OOHHH SOOO much!!! She neeeeeds to stay home.   Ha, here I thought the impending surgery would be worrying her but alas, we're back to school issues.. lol.

And onto the next...

Today was Baby Bug's annual re-evaluation for 1st steps (early intervention thru the state). I honestly didn't think he'd requalify. He's doing very well and progressing along nicely.  We spent an hour and half -the two therapists and I- playing with him and going over things he does and doesn't do.  Not only are they requalifying him (mainly because he's on the very low end of the 'normal for age' spectrum and will be into a new age group in 2wks) they want to Add Occupational therapy.. Hmmp.. funny how his developmental therapist & I were just saying last week that he'd probably be out of the program.  Guess that proves us wrong.. Overall, their main source of concern was feeding. I can see the concern but to me he's doing FABULOUS. Sure he's at a 9-12mo level on eating but that's so much better than he was.. He's progressing and that's something.

I'm tired just typing all that and we're not even halfway thru the week yet.  Daddy Chaos has class tonite so he wont be home til late. Southern Darlin' has a psych appt to get a refill on her meds. I just realized 20mins ago that I left Spoiled Princess' carseat in the magic van & thus cannot take Southern Darlin' and Spoiled Princess anywhere together today which leaves with a problem since we have the afore mentioned  Psych appt and dwindling meds.  **Problem solved in that I got Gpa to agree to keep Spoiled Princess for me, so I just have to drop her there after she gets home from preschool but before Southern Darlin' gets home from kindy.. AHHH!

Tomorrow Southern Darlin' and I will make the trek to the Children's Hospital to meet with the Genetic Dr and see what s/he has to say. Funny I just realized I have no clue if Dr.Genetic is a male or female.. hmm..  Regardless a trip to the Children's Hospital = 4+hours in the car & an all day event.

Thursday Spoiled Princess gets her tubes in.. Drool Prince has a WIC appt.. And we all have haircuts..

Thank goodness for Friday and a free day :) I better keep my mouth shut before it fills up to.. Oh crap, Friday is Attitude King's birthday & I still need to do more bday shopping..

There you have my crazed out week, so if you don't hear from me.. You now know why!

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  1. Wore me out just reading it! As for 1st Steps...I have a theory on that. Business has been slowing down....I think a lot of insurances were kicking more back on the parents, which is sometimes hard in this economy. I think b/c the kids are foster, they know they have a for sure clientele. Just my take. I know several foster children who fp's were thinking would no longer qualify, but they are keeping or adding services.

    Good luck to SP on the tubes!! We don't have ear infection issues, but instead we have wax! Drama Mama has horrible wax build up in her ears. Not a lot they can do about that. Ear drops and warm water flushes (all of which she hates!).

    Hugs my friend! Hope you are sleeping well at night!


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