Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Preschool Drama

The two lils are in preschool. When school started back in September I expected Spoiled Princess to cry and have issues, while Drool Prince would embrace preschool wholeheartedly..  Instead they played reverseies on me.. The first day of preschool- Spoiled Princess gave me a kiss & hug and said BYE MOM!  No looking back.. While Drool Prince was shy and tentative.. gave many hugs, lots of I'll miss you's and then crept into his classroom.

Here we are 5months into preschool.  Both kiddos LOVE it.. They can't wait to go! YAY , we have school today :)

Until yesterday.

On Tues & Thurs- just Spoiled Princess has preschool. So we drop her off at the door, wait for her to disappear downstairs to her room & then go home. This works out great for me b/c I can park at the door and not have to get Drool Prince or Baby Bug out in the cold.

Yesterday, I took her to the door - gave the kiss, hug & I love you.. and went back to my van.  When I looked back, she's standing at the door waving at me.. I waved & mouthed to her that she needed to get down to her room (ok, I yelled it but hello..I was in the van & she couldnt' hear me all the way inside the building so it was LIKE mouthing it)  She disappeared from the door & I started to back out , only to have her reappear at the door waving again! I parked and got out.. By the time I got to the door, she had disappeared down to her room so I left. 

When I showed up to pick Spoiled Princess up after school her teacher pulled me aside. It seems Spoiled Princess had a breakdown in school.  She sobbed soo hard and her teacher almost called me to come get her.. She does NOT want to go to school anymore.. Her teacher was distraunt trying to figure out what had happened to cause this change.  She knows how much Spoiled Princess has always loved school.

We spent 30+mins after school trying to talk about it but Spoiled Princess just wanted to cry- the big gulping crys that she did NOT want to go back.. Please don't make her ..  Once I finally got her calmed down enough to talk about it , the only thing I can get out of her is Gabe.  A boy in her school- who is not mean to her, does not push her, take her toys or call her names.. But Gabe gets in trouble A LOT at school and this bugs Spoiled Princess.

She cried for an hour when she went to bed b/c she was "dreaming" that she had to go back to school.  So far today she hasn't cried but she has stated several times that she is NOT going to school.

Can we say Dramatic? My golly..   Obviously this has been building up over time and has finally erupted to the surface.

Since preschool is more of a 'getting ready for real school'  we've decided to go ahead and let her stay home for a while.. I'm hoping a month off and she'll want to go back (if her spot is still available).. I definitely don't want to force her to continue preschool because I can see it causing MANY more problems with my super sensitive child.. But eventually the kid is going to have to go to school.. Let's just hope whatever is bothering her will have calmed itself before Aug comes & Kindy starts..

Anyone have other thoughts or advice on the situation? I'm open to opinions!

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