Tuesday, January 26, 2010

D@mn Teen Nick!

First let me say that old teen crushes really do last ..

Second let me scream -  OMG LUKE PERRY!!!

Third let me say- what in the hell do lace panties, morracos & a sleeve of saltines have to do with each other??

Fourth (ok counting is getting a bit stupid at this point) let me say-- I am sick and tired of getting sucked into these darn teen shows..

Am I really that pathetic?  Did I just not grow up and move beyond the 90210 of my youth?  (still LUKE PERRY!! OMG)..

Let's look at the shows I've watched this week ::
  • American Idol -- woohoo a mostly Adult choice
  • What I like about you ( a la Luke Perry guest starring episode) Thank you TNick for sucking me in a new one..
  • Degrassi (the new generation or whatever they're calling it) Another newbie thanks to TNick & their darn commercials about the whole 'love game' episode coming up..
  • Wizards of Waverly Place (Drool Prince's favorite show.. he wants to be Justin when he grows up.. ha)
  • Hannah Montana 
  • Days of Our Lives -- I'm counting this as an adult choice although I've been watching it since I was little..
  • Santuary -- woohoo an adult choice!!
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Baby Bug's favorite)
  • Handy Manny

Ok well I have a few in there that I can count as grown up choices so do those redeem me? Why do I keep getting sucked into these darn teen dramas.. We actually DVR Hannah Montana, Wizards, Jonas & Sonny with a Chance (yes we're Disney people.. lol)- and not for the kids.. ha..

I'll grow up someday..


  1. I *love* Sanctuary, and I've been watching Days since I was little, too. I miss Stefano's glory days, don't you, Mama Chaos?

  2. Ashley- ha, I notice you admit to watching the few "grown up" shows on there :) I do soo love Sanctuary! We DVR everything & then wait til we have 2-3 episodes so we can do a marathon :)
    As for DOOL, yes.. I miss the good old Stefano.. He's getting a bit weak nowadays.. And EJ is a bit too likeable at times to replace him. :)

  3. Hey, one of my very few brushes with fame- I saw Luke Perry at a mall in Phoenix MANY years ago, with Rebecca Gayheart doing a movie.


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