Monday, January 25, 2010

Ghost Stories...

It's official... We have a ghost.

A being from beyond this world that is not seen by humans (or dogs for that matter).

This ghost has a hankering for stealing.. Little things like ohh cans of pop, candy, gum.. and planting leaving the evidence in innocent little darlings' closets or drawers..

Poor Drama Queen  AND Attitude King have both been the butt of a joke at this vicious ghost.

Just this evening Attitude King came to me and told me that last nite, he checked his closet to pick out what clothes he wanted to wear today.. Everything looked normal, clothes and not another thing.  Yet this morning when he went to get said clothes from the closet- a Sprite can (which we have not had in the house for a month or so) has mysteriously appeared in his closet..

Hmm Pop Ghost has struck again.  Amazing isn't it?  When I suggested this to Attitude King, he started sputtering with the whole-
"But MOOOOMMMM.. I didn't put it there.. I DIDN'T"

Uhmm ok sweetie, whatever you say... 

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  1. HEY! I want a free soda ghost too! Is there a place I can go to sign up? How do I get one?


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