Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's been a while


I know .. I know..


Can you believe I survived Christmas Break? And am still marginally sane?

Life's been crazy and I've been neglecting you my bloggy followers..  I didn't mean to, I have lots I want to tell you about.. It's just that when I think of sitting down and typing it all out.. AGHHHH..

Let's see- the biggest news.. Update on WishyWashy & maybe baby.  First of all I FINALLY got to feel that little bugger kick.  I've tried repeatedly, practically walking around with my hands glued to WishyWashy's tummy with no success.. [hold it everyone, I just realized that I never blog named my friend only her sis and I can't keep going around calling her "my friend" repeatedly b/c its just annoying to me & probably you too but mainly me..  So I dub the friend "Cowie"]  So the evening of the 19th, I went shopping with Cowie.. Drama Queen's bday was fast approaching & I was desperately in need of bday presents.. During our trip we happened thru the baby section- as we are wont to do.. And just happened to find an adorable outfit- to which we then declared WHO CARES if it's 10pm, we're stopping to give the outfit to WishyWashy and play with the tummy.   So it was during that stay that Maybe Baby finally moved & kicked for me.. Woohoo :) 

Since WishyWashy doesn't have alot of close friends anymore (long story-bf is a jerk.. who I shall dub "twit" to keep my blog PG-13 rated) so while we were there we were discussing the delivery.  Cowie offered to be there for support & pictures.. I threw my hat in the ring b/c I've never witnessed a birth where I was not the one doing the work & WishyWashy wasn't allowed to go to prenatal classes.. Being the pro-birther @ 3births, I know the breathing.. Woohoo- score a point for me.  WishyWashy agreed, she'd love to have us both there and promised to call the minute she went into labor.

Little did we know it would be a scant 4hrs after we both got to our own homes and finally to bed. :sigh:  I haven't had a middle of the nite call since .. well since ever.. I answered the phone to "I think my water broke & there's ALOT of blood".. uhmm blood is never good at this point?  I hung up & rushed over.

After a long day, Maybe Baby was born almost 24hrs after that call. It was hands down the scariest delivery I've ever seen or heard of. The nurses & dr were scared.. At the end we were all screaming at WishyWashy to PUSH THAT BABY OUT NOW!!! as we waited on the c-sec team to get there so they could whisk her off to that instead.. Thankfully the baby was born- and alive.. WishyWashy was sill ok.. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief- seriously, it's caught on video.. lol.)  Maybe Baby gave us all some huge scares with her heartrate dropping into very very low numbers but once out did great!   All during the labor, WishyWashy worried about what was going to happen because she had never got ahold of the supervisor..  The nurses knew the whole story & did a urine test which came back clean (duh= house arrest..).. In the end WishyWashy was allowed to take Maybe Baby home with her pending meconium..  And this is where we sit.. Awaiting the meconium results.. Obviously holidays have delayed it.. We've all went to visit WishyWashy & Maybe Baby in the hospital & at home.. She's adorable and doing well.. But alas has firmly done the terrible..

She has firmly put into my head that I am not done. I really want another baby.  I honestly thought I was fine with Baby Bug being our final little one.. I suppose it's very good Daddy Chaos is shooting blanks b/c I long for that itty bitty newborn smell again .. lol.. Babies will be the death of me!

Next on the agenda during Christmas Break--  Drama Queen had her bday.  14 years old now. God I'm getting old.. To be old enough to have a 14yr old seems crazy to me.  She firmly reminds me that in 2yrs she'll be driving & in 4yrs she'll be out of the house.. WHAT? When did this happen? Ack..

Christmas was fun!! Everyone enjoyed the day & it was fun watching Southern Darlin' open her first presents in our house :)

After Christmas we had Southern Darlin's  birthday!! 6yrs old!! Our first birthday together :) She was thrilled that she was getting 6 presents (I honestly thought she might be upset b/c she knew Drama Queen got 14 - we do the age = # of presents-- but on Drama Queen's bday she proudly announced "Mommy, I'm going to be 6 so I get 6 presents right?!") . 

The downfall of Christmas break is that this is the first year I've ever been one of those parents that is counting down the days til the kids go back to school.. Normally I am happy to have them all home with me and just a bit sad to see them go back.  This year, I couldn't WAIT for school to start up again. Southern Darlin' does NOT do well when we have a change (or heck lack of) routine. Tantrums started the weekend that school ended & did not let up until she went back to school.  Oddly and thankfully enough we are now 3 days into school and she's back to the happy cheerful kiddo.. It's crazy how widely her moods can swing. 

Drool Prince is another that doesn't do well with routine changes plus he feeds off of Southern Darlin's behaviour.. So he has gotten himself in trouble quite a bit over the past few weeks and has decided to start peeing & pooping his pants again.. for the fun of it, apparently.

:sigh:  This is my life people.. Full of ups and downs.

Spoiled Princess is looking forward to her birthday coming up this month.  She can.hardly.WAIT. for it!

Baby Bug is turning 20months old later this month-- 20months just doesn't sound like a baby anymore.  There's so much going on in that case that I don't even want to get into it just yet.. Let's just say drama ,drama & more drama.. The lost TPR  probably won't matter in the long run since Biomom seems hell bent on sabatoging herself.

That my friends, was how my Christmas Break went in a very condensed version (even if it doesn't seem like it.. lol).  How was yours?

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  1. Oh a baby. Death of me too. There is no way to describe what a baby does to me. The smell of a newborn baby melts me to the core.

    Nate does the same thing without routine. Rages. UGH. I so wish we could get past this with him.

    Can you summarize your kids and ages for me? Are your foster kid's sibs or are you working with more than one bio family?


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