Friday, December 18, 2009

Policies are for the weak.

Our local DCS drives me absolutely batty.. I'm sure I've mentioned it before in the various cases of Spoiled Princess, her 1/2brothers, Drool Prince & Baby Bug's cases.. They are nothing if not inconsistent.

It seems that they can't decide which policy to uphold or if they should really just make up their own on any given day. 

What might work for one case, definitely is not the same for the next case even though the circumstances might be exactly the same.

To that I say a very big  WHATEVER!! I'd like to maybe add a f***  in between the What & Ever but you see how I restrained myself?

The stupid thing is that I shouldn't really be upset. It's a selfish upset really. Stupid and feeling sorry for myself..

But anyway, I'm justified once in a while right?

So I ran into my favorite caseworker who is now an investigator [I really think Drool Prince's case drug out wayyy too long and burned her out b/c she switched to investigator right after him.. ha] at DCS last week.. Finally!  My friend had left several messages and no return calls regarding the "situation"  so I decided to take the bull by the horns so to speak and just do it myself.  Opportunity presents itself and so on..

So anyway, I mentioned the situation to Miss Investigator & how WishyWashy wants to make a plan to be sure the baby comes to us.  Miss Investigator said that's great- shouldnt' be a problem, does their job for them & I'll be expecting the call anyway so it'll work fine.  She tells me that I do need to get with the supervisor & director so they know everything as well that way if she's not on call when the case comes in it wont get messed up.

No biggie.

Except Director hasn't responded to 2 of WishyWashy's phone messages, 1 hand written note & 1 email from me..  BLAH

I did get ahold of the supervisor today*. Explained the situation.. She wants WishyWashy to call herself and discuss it. Fine, ok whatever.  She then proceeds to tell me that even though they have a ++ Drug screen on file for the unborn baby, they won't do anything about it unless someone else (ie. hospital) makes a report first.. And if the report doesn't come in, well they'll just tear up that drug screen and toss it in the trash.  Can anyone tell me WHAT is the point of the Dr even sending the drug test over if they don't do anything about it?  I mean in this case especially- the bmom is saying- yes I did drugs, yes I know you're going to take the baby & this is where I really want you to put her.. But they may just say ohh well no one else turned you in so no biggie.. WTF?

Regardless, WishyWashy & Supervisor have been playing phone tag.. Who knows if/when they'll ever actually get to speak live in person..  Anyone want to place bets on whether DCS actually does their job or lets it all slip thru the cracks? 

**I wrote this earlier in the week but didn't have a chance to finish it so obviously when I say I talked to ppl today- you all know it's not really today b/c I'm at home doing nothing whatsoever ! 

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