Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Situation

I got to meet the cutest yet to be born baby today.  I was invited to an u/s.. Little stinker kept her arm over her face so we couldn't get a good pic but her lip & chin sure looked cute.. lol.

I know I've been holding out on the "situation" I've mentioned a few times. Honestly, as with anything else in our live, it's chaotic and constantly changing. I guess we thrive on chaos or are attracted to it or maybe we're just crazy?

We have friends that are very close to the family.  So much so that they are like the favorite aunt/uncle to the bigger kids & kinda like additional grandparents to the little kids. In the past almost 4yrs of knowing my friend I'd have to say that although we are at different points in our lives (my kids are young, hers are grown) she's become one of my BFFs.  We talk daily, txt daily & email daily- yes all three normally.  So to say they are like family to us is putting it mildly. I've let my little kids SPEND THE NITE with her- something I do not ever do with ANYONE. Her mom is Gma to my kids as well. You get the picture , yes?

So my friend [who I know I've talked about before but forget what name I gave her for the blog & I'm too lazy to go look it up] has a much younger sister with her own history. I won't go into it all but we'll just say she's had a few run ins and might be on Santa's naughty list this year. We'll call her WishyWashy.  She's a good kid but makes poor choices and is now dealing with the consequences of her actions. WishyWashy is of legal age & due at the end of the month.  She spent a part of the pregnancy in jail and initially talked of giving the baby up for adoption- our name was tossed up.  The biodad did not agree with the situation and so that was that.   At this point we are just waiting to see if DCS gets involved (due to meconium). If they do, WishyWashy has asked that we be the ones to take the placement. She knows we take good care of our kids & everyone knows that if she fails to get her act together & something like TPR were to happen, we'd always be in contact with the family anyway.

Soooo there's the background..  WishyWashy had a late pregnancy u/s today because of measuring small and other risk factors.  She invited me along so I got to go meet this adorable little one .. Naturally MaybeBaby had to be difficult and refused to show us her face but it was fun for me anyway.  I hope that everything works out fine in this situation, but if things go the other way- it was kinda nice to get to be involved with the u/s too. I can clearly remember those last days of pregnancy.. Feeling huge and bloated and wondering if this child will ever appear. Being young and naive, these silly ppl actually think that the baby will be here by or on the due date not a moment after.  I completely laughed out loud at that concept. Time will tell..

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  1. Oh wow... I really hope that it all works out...

    If that means your family then I am sure it will be a great start for this little one!


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