Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bah Humbug!

I hate winter! Really I do.   I'm more of a spring/fall type of person.  A goldilocks of seasons.. Summer is too hot b/c I hate sweating and well being hot..  Winter is too cold- bundling up is too much work. And layers? I do NOT do layers.

Yep, spring & fall are perfect for me. Not too hot & not too cold.. just right.

Too bad it's now officially winter in the Kingdom of Chaos.. Our Kingdom is currently located in one of those pestering states that persists in having four actual seasons. What is the point, I ask you?

Snow is great- on Christmas day.  I love sledding! Snowball fights & snowman building- well I'll leave that to the kids.  I hate snow on the roads (or worse- ICE!).  

My ideal land would be 60-85* yearly. Nice and medium. Heck I'll even allow a few 90* days for nice swim weather but that's my limit.  I want the snow- dont' get me wrong, but it must stay off the roads, only in the yards and always looked pretty and untrampled regardless of the number of kidlets out playing and destroying my pretty yard.. Oh yeah and someone will have to come up with a way to make it snow while 60* since I'm not allowing it to go colder than that.. I think I need the Professor from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to make me some of that non-melting snow.

What brought on this tirade you might ask? My heater..  It is freakin COLD in here. Which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! My furnace is set on 72*. It should be fine. but I swear to you the cold is creeping in..  I'll never understand it but I am NOT giving in and turning the thermostat up.. I will not.. yet..

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