Friday, December 18, 2009

Slacking with style

I am such a slacker.. Honestly.

It's better that I admit it and move on right?

See, I had this whole "Countdown to Christmas" planned, complete with my top 25 Christmas songs (youtube videos and everything).. But alas, plans went to the side and here we are a mere 7days til Christmas (8days til Maybe Baby is due!) and I haven't posted any of them..

I know what you're thinking.. Momma Chaos, Blogger does post dating, you should have gotten on the ball & did it earlier.. Or do it now & lie to Blogger by telling it you posted back on Dec1-17th.  I know, I know.. Believe me I thought of it.. Just didn't happen.  So everyone can look forward to it NEXT year. lol.

I have however, had a very productive day.. You see due to Bdad being incarcerated (that's another whole story that I dont want to go into right now), my Friday's are no FREE!!!

No visits for Baby Bug!

No preschool for Drool Prince & Spoiled Princess. 

We can just sit in the house the WHOLE BLESSED day without even getting dressed! No need to leave at all!

So far today :
  • Played dr with Drool Prince.. I had to amputate both feet & reattach with robot feet, amputate both arms at the elbow & switch them around and reattach, redo his pacemaker and tickle the giggles back into his tummy.. Thank goodness he survived.  His turn at being the dr resulted in him amputating & reattaching my right hand over and over and repeatedly taking blood and putting it back in on a different spot on my arm.. Hmm, not sure what he was trying to accomplish there but I was assured that it wouldn't hurt - not even a little. 
  • Cooked lunch.. Yes you read that correctly- I actually COOKED lunch.. As in used the stove & not just a knife for PB&J.  I'm downright impressed with myself right there.  We had chicken, plain macaroni & green beans if you must know.. Still be impressed nonetheless !

  • Put all three lil kids down for nap (At the SAME time) & it is actually QUIET in my house.
  • Got supper ready & tossed it in the crock pot.. We're having Pepper Steak which I've never put in the crock pot but I"m hoping it'll work. I browned the meat & then tossed everything together in the crock pot &put it on low.. Is it going to turn into mush? We'll see. I'll report back later!
  • Did two loads of laundry (washed 1 & dried, other is in washer)
  • Typed this blog post . Yay me!
And now I am going to sit down and fold a huge pile of laundry that has been calling my name, while I catch up on Days :)  Plus my typing is too loud & the baby just woke up.. crap!

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