Monday, December 7, 2009

Still Kickin..

It's been a rough few weeks but we're still alive.  We spent the first week crying and devastated. Then got angry. Everyone is shocked at the judge's decision. Not to mention the fact that he apparently made it immediately upon receiving the attys' final paperwork. No sitting and thinking about it.  Not him, he signed it and then sat on it for 2wks before giving the decision to anyone.  I'm sorry but that just sounds fishy to me. If you were confident in your decision- would you really sit on it for 2wks? I think not.

I have a friend who is an acquaintance of said Idiot Judge. Apparently last time she saw him out and about, she did give him a piece of her mind. Ha! I wish she might have kicked his shins while she was at it, but it's something I guess! LOL.

There is soo much I wrote and erased.. Nothing I can really say here on a public blog. But I can safely say that everyone involved (sans DCS) is in the pissed off this is not happening stage. If only this blow had united DCS with the rest of the team to do something about this, alas they seem to be sitting on their asses and giving bmom whatever she wants.  I'm really hoping that this is some super secret stealthy move so they can jump out and spring a drug test @ the most opportune time.  I doubt it.

One thing that confuses me about this whole thing. If TPR is denied, bdad's voluntary TPR was also now void (his was contigent that Bmom get terminated).  So technically the state should have to pursue RU with either parent.  DCS is ignoring Bdad. Regardless of the fact that Bdad would give the baby to us if he got custody- I still strongly feel he's the better choice for many reasons. Yet they didn't even invite him to the case conference.. GRRR!

Ok now I've completely irritated myself w/this post so I'm going to just shut up & come back to give info on the possible Dec situation after while :)

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