Sunday, January 10, 2010

Creepy Things

I'm sure that this creeps me out more because I just recently watched Paranormal Activity.. But still.. Here's the issue, tell me what you think ::

The 3yr old had a tendency to talk to himself..

at nite...

in the dark...

sometimes in odd made up languages..

So last nite I tucked him in.. He sleeps in his super cool tent right now bc Momma's a slacker  Santa didn't leave a twin mattress for the bunk part of the bed  it's super cool down there!  Anyhoo, tucked the boy in and went upstairs.. Messed around a few minutes, then realized - oops, I forgot to get the baby's jammies from their room.  So back down the stairs I went.  I slowed down as I got to his door b/c I heard talking.. 

"I will kill you if you do that again"
"I didn't do anything"
"Yes you did! You say Dammit!"
"No I didn't say Dammit!"
"Yes you did say Dammit.. That is a bad words. We don't say bad words"

Finally I walked in, turned on the light (he shut up) grabbed the jammies, and climbed into the tent with him.. I gave him another kiss goodnite & asked who he was talking to a minute before.
" I wasn't talking to anyone, Mommy."
"Drool Prince, I heard you talking.. Were you talking to yourself?"
"I didn't say any words at all. Nothing"

I gave up and gave him kisses & said NO More Talking.. and went upstairs... (I just noticed that for some reason I have a problem lately with additional periods.... I'm not sure what's up with that... extra periods don't really prolong the suspense, they just annoy me but I can't stop..)

I told Daddy Chaos about it & sent him down to see if he could hear it..  He came back up a few mintues later & said yes he was talking but it was in a weird jibberish language that he couldn't understand.. LOL!  I have heard him do that before too (which I kinda prefer) , it sounds like some made up star wars language. 

Eventually he went to sleep and nothing killed me in my sleep.  I'm just saying- that kind of crap freaks me out.  Do NOT talk in the dark to absolutely no one and carry on both sides of the conversation.. At least he wasn't using odd voices..... yet.

Now everyone quickly assure me that your child does the same thing & I won't get drug across the room by some unseen entity..

If he shows up by my bed speaking in tongues- we're heading to church.

***side note vent-- where the heck did the spell check go with all these blogger upgrades? Sorry peeps, I rely on spell check and it ain't here to check me.. blah! ***


  1. Hey, Momma Chaos

    I don't think there's much danger here- My Mom used to walk in on me laughing and crying and carrying on in my sleep all the time as a kid, and she's older than she likes to admit!

    Drool Prince clearly just has a seriously vivid inner world :)

    (also, seriously? My word verification is penis)

  2. lol.. Ashley the key there is that you were actually asleep.. I think it has to be less creepy.. actually I'm sure it would be 100% less creepy if I didn't watch darn creepy movies.. lol! Give me blood & guts anyday over spooky ghosts/demons/freddy krugers.. lol!

    Sorry about the word verification but it totally cracks me up! LOL! Blogger is apparently decided I'm not as family friendly as I like to say?

  3. Heh heh...I hear things at my house too, only Im not one hundred percent sure that it is my seven year old!!! I have heard singing, that no one admits too, and someone calling "mommy" but everyone is sound asleep when I check. So..yeah, I can relate. Definitely creepy. And..I dont watch Paranormal State at night anymore, only on the tivo in broad daylight!

    PS. I like extra periods too.


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