Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Always in someone else's hands

Tomorrow is court for Baby Bug.. The first court date since we (DCS) lost TPR.  In my state it takes two judges to agree in order for TPR to go thru.  We have the CHINS (Child in need of services) Judge & then the TPR judge (where the trial actually happens).

Tomorrow we go back to our CHIN's judge to see what he tells us to do.  The goal is officially changed back to reunification but we have many obstacles hindering that actually happening.  The CHIN's judge was actually DCS's attorney when Drool Prince first came into care so he knows the history & the family very well.  He was fully supportive of TPR filing & wondered why DCS waited as long as they did.  Needless to say, everyone expects him to be less than happy that the TPR judge did not grant it..

It should be very interesting, especially when those very important obstacles are brought up.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed for Baby Bug!

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