Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekly update

Things have been busy since I last posted.. What else is new, right?

Let's play catch up!

I got mail last week - my annieology shirt! woohoo! Due to a darn lurker claiming my State "that should not be named" status I dont get a freebie but well worth the money :) I'd print up shirts for my followers here but don't quite have that enthusiasm yet! Lol! Maybe someday?! I will post a pic of me in the shirt (ack) but I'm waiting for a good opportunity. Annie has requested it be with a pig and I just haven't had the chance!

Speaking of pigs- I got to see little Edna again the other day. Still cute.. I'm sure there's going to come a point where she's just a pig vs a cute cuddly little thing, I'm waiting for that point but we haven't gotten there yet. Her momma bought her a cute pink blanket to carry her around in b/c it's getting chilly hereabouts!

Also speaking of pigs (Edna please plug your ears and avert your eyes! - Someone throw the blankie over her-quick!)- the 'rents were raising hogs (see I said hogs, which is totally not the same as pigs!) for our Christmas present & we received our present a tad bit early! My freezer now has a LOT of pork residing in it! Funny story - there were 3 pigs hogs to be uhmm frozen. One for mom & dad, one for us & one for my sister. Dad picked out the one he thought was the biggest for himself and asked Drama Queen which one she wanted to pick for us. She looked them over & picked the one with the 2 white hind legs. No other reason except she liked the 2 hind legs being white. My sister was given the last one.. Ironically when everything was said and done- ours ended up being the largest, then my sis', lastly Dad's.. Which just goes to show you shouldnt' pick your hog by the one you *think* is the biggest but by the color of their hind legs. Ok ok, I fully admit that story may have only been funny to me but I giggle about it off and on !:)

During our time apart, I also got my hair cut.. and colored.. See I have been growing it out for a while b/c I was really missing my cute spiral curls from highschool :
Yeah ok, I had actually graduated highschool there (barely) but look how cute and YOUNG we looked back then.. Ack.. Anyhoo, so I was growing my hair out to get the curls back. Then I realized several things :

1. I am addicted to my colors - I need at least highlights & you can't do both hightlights & a perm at the same time. I would have to do one , then wait a week or two and do the other- which leads me to #2.

2. I'm cheap . I wont even try to say frugal. I'm just cheap when it comes to myself. I can splurge once every few months for color but there is no way I am going to shell out money for coloring and then go back a week or two later and shell out just as much if not more money for a perm. It just ain't going to happen.

3. Even if I get my old hair back (which I love and miss dearly- why oh why do we cut our hair all off when we have kids?) I still wont look like I used to. I am older and A LOT heavier. So unless I start wearing makeup & lose 60+lbs first , it just ain't gonna matter.

It took me a while to come to terms with that but I finally gave up on the idea. I wont get back my old curls so instead I went with this again :

Yup, back to red. and you might not be able to tell well in this shot but there are highlights there too.. Can't lose my blonde entirely- geez what would I blame my ditzy episodes on?! We did try a few front shots but it was dark when Daddy Chaos was taking the pictures and the flash kept blinding me which resulted in pictures I will never allow to see the light of day.

New shirt, new meat in the freezer, new hair..

Here's a little something that hasn't changed :

Remember when Daddy Chaos started that project a mere I dunno? 8months ago? Yup, it looks about the same.. I'm kinda used to it though & Daddy Chaos does have a bad back so it's really hard for him to reach over his head (and I'm completely worthless when you try to combine me, a ladder and me doing anything other than clutch to the ladder and scream that I'm stuck). However this did not stop him one bit from deciding to start a new project.

Kitchen cabinets.. Now my kitchen has problems. It has been painted at least 3 times and the cabinets received the same fate. Only problem is that no one bothered to strip the old colors & just kept painting over. So my white cabinets are chipped here and there, some you can see some lovely green, some have blue.. It's an eyesore. Daddy Chaos decided he'd strip them all down and we'd stain them (until we found out what they looked liked stripped & have switched to repainting). Currently my kitchen looks like this :

Pretty ain't it.. One would think not having cabinet doors would lead to keeping a less cluttered cabinet since it's right there in your face all the time. One would not know me and how clutter doesn't bother me a bit until all the sudden IT DOES. Yeah I'm weird. It's not bothering me a bit right now though.

So my peeps, that is what the Kingdom of Chaos household has been up to lately. TPR is fast approaching and I'm nervous as ever but we won't talk about that, k? Mkay!

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