Thursday, October 1, 2009


A friend of ours recently got their first baby. I've been hearing about the whole newborn experience.. Up every 3hrs for bottles.. not sleeping thru the nite at 4wks old.. At least the parents are taking turns, so that's good right?? The new daddy claimed the baby slept thru the whole nite recently.. Then recanted and said perhaps the new momma just slept thru the cries for food?!

All the kids are absolutely in LOVE with the new one.. Everyone is like Ohh Mommy, can we take her home with us?? She's a girl even!! (cuz they know Momma & Daddy Chaos are jonsing for a baby girl). Sadly Daddy said no.. We are allowed to babysit but Edna cannot even come to our house! We have to go to her house to babysit!! How rude is that? I mean honestly? I have bottles.. I have formula.. GEEESH!

Drool Prince simply cannot say Edna.. He has to add that extra *i* in there.. So it's always ohh Edina is soo cute.. I wish Edina could come home with us, she could sleep in my bed!

I have oh so many cute adorable pics of the new baby but since my cannotpostontheinternet kids are mainly in all the pics holding or feeding her, I'll have to do what I rarely (read: never) do and share a pic of myself feeding the new baby::

Meet Edna the potbelly pig. She is ADORABLE.. I hate pigs (except to eat- whole 'nother story that we wont get into since there is a baby present in this post). She is a sweetheart who will climb right up in your lap if you sit very quietly- something Drool Prince & Spoiled Princess absolutely could not do! lol! She LOVED Baby Bug and followed him everywhere.. Oh the cute pics I have of them together, just can't share.. And the best part is - she's already potty trained! Daddy says I can't have one though.. He's so mean!*

**side note to say that Daddy Chaos is not mean and almost always gives me what I want but I still hold the right to say he's mean and never gives me anything even if it is a lie..


  1. Ok, if that's not the cutest pig I have ever seen, I don't know what is!!! P.S. Love your sidenote!!! The same is true in my house.

    Mom with Many Names
    Formerly Passionate Chaos

  2. This is such a cute story. I read your blog a lot, and thought I should finally de-lurk. :)


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