Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Too True Tuesday

Sure I have much better things to do than sit around here playing on the computer. Ok I don't have better things but more house*wifey type things that I should be doing. *ahem*

Not that I need any excuses but... Ok so see Baby Bug is sick. Fever is gone finally (Thank YOU!) but he's still at that clingy fussy stage. So I fed him lunch [side note: I've never ordered a Fruit & Yogurt Parfait before bc I'm just not a big fruit or yogurt person. Baby bug IS and I had a a monopoly piece thingy that would get it free. Honestly? these things are baby sized!!] and rocked him to sleep... as I sat on the computer which is now conveniently located next to the recliner for Daddy Chao's upcoming 3wk bedrest. What is a person to do if they can't reach the remote, talking on the phone would wake up said grumpy muffin...surely they should go read what their bloggy buddies have to say. Well Essie said we had to do a Too True Tuesday and while I've skipped out on quite a few, I've decided that I should probably listen to her before I get banned. That's my excuse. not that I needed one.

Soo, this week's question is to truthfully tell what the first thing you would run out and purchase if you won the lottery tomorrow!

Spare the crap is what she said.. So I wont say I'd pay off my mortgage and bills b/c that's pretty much a given. I'm assuming this is a HUGE arse lotto right?

This is much harder than I thought.. I dont have anything that jumps right out at me. I can tell you what basically everyone in my family would want -

Daddy Chaos would go buy his dream oldie (circa 60's) muscle car.

Drama Queen would rush off to Hollywood to stalk marry Nick Jonas.

Attitude King is a bit tougher, he's like me and a giver but I'm gonna bet it'd have something to do with sports.

Southern Darlin' would ask what everyone else was buying first but most likely try to get a pink pony (not that they exist but i'm betting she could get a nice dye job on a white pony!)

Spoiled Princess would have us RUSH to Disney World and stay in Cinderella's Castle..

Drool Prince would want a dinosaur and when I'd have to break it to him that Dino's are extinct we'd probably have a meltdown and then decide he wants to live @ Disney too.

Baby Bug- well that's quite obvious.. he'd buy himself a lifetime supply of wubbanubs so when he chewed a hole in one and it didn't work anymore, he could just take it out throw it to the wind and pop a new one in!

Now we're back to me. Honestly- and I'm not trying to sound like a goodietooshoes but first thing I'd buy all of the above except for Drama Queen's.. she'd get a cool teal mustang GT w/black stripes down the middle & a hood scoop (to save for when she's 16 naturally.. lol)..

ohhh wait!! Before you go, I do know what I want with my lotto winnings.. Not sure why it took me going thru everyone else to figure out what I wanted but other than a new HUGE house with tons of room for everyone on lots of land, I want a tummy tuck/boob job & thigh lipo. but since none of that can really be just running out to buy- I'll take a cool Mother's ring I have my eye on :)

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  1. A huge house sounds awesome! I like those houses where the parents room is on the opposite side as the kids!


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