Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Holy Shit Batman- we've lost a follower.

I know I"m a slacker. but come on people.. I only had 13- lucky 13 and now we're back down to 12..

This will NOT do.. Go forth and bring me that magical 13th follower again!

I did try repeatedly to convince Daddy Chaos that since 13 is one of my absolute fav. numbers , we should naturally have 13kids. Did not work.

I am now trying to convince him that my 2nd all time fav. number is 7~ which means yes, we really should have 7 kids . For cosmic balancing reasons.. Wouldn't hurt if #7 kiddo was born on the 13th of something.. Then I'd kinda be hitting 2 birds w/1stone right?

See I came on here all ready to give an update post on the gobblety goo that's been going on around here lately keeping me away from my peeps (damn Luxor 3) but that missing follower has bummed me so I must go pout.


  1. yeah...Im afraid that if I lost a follower, I would actually lose sleep, so I hear ya.

  2. omg, for the longest time I only had one follower. Then, I got a second follower! It stayed that way for a while then all of a sudden, poof, back to one follower. I was crushed! I totally took it personally!

    Maybe I should not admit it, but I will. I tracked her down through a bunch of other sites and discovered she had deleted a lot of her online stuff, including her blog. So, I think something freaked her out online. That's what I want to think anyway.

    They will come.

  3. heheh ok I am the HOPEFULLY lucky no 13


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